chapter twenty five

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"I would definitely be failing this class without you," Abby groans as she starts to wrap her maroon scarf around her neck

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"I would definitely be failing this class without you," Abby groans as she starts to wrap her maroon scarf around her neck. She walks out of the chem lab and I let the door close behind us as I fall into step beside her, trying not to laugh at the look of utter incredulity on her face, "also, who in their right mind would let freshman handle chemicals like that?"

I hold back my smile as I push open the building door and step back so she can walk out first. The early morning air stings my cheeks and I watch as the breeze whips her hair around her face, sending the vanilla apple spice of her perfume into the air between us. She tucks the strands of loose waves behind her ears and pulls her bag further up her arm as she leads us toward the courtyard.

More eyes are trained on me than usual, though today every single one of their eyes are locked in on my ankle as they lean over and whisper, probably trying to figure out whether or not I'll be out for the Oregon game on Friday. I clench my jaw and try my best to keep from wobbling, but the faint throbbing is starting to hurt again and I know I won't be able to make it all the way to my class across campus without giving in to a small limp.

I rolled my ankle in the game last night and it hurt like a bitch, but once the trainer gave me the thumbs up, my ass was back on the court. We were playing Duke and I wasn't about to leave my team to play the second best ranked team in the conference without me. That and the fact that Zayn Williams, Duke's star shooting guard and Grade-A asshole, made a show of smirking at me when the medics were checking out my ankle on the sidelines, as if to say can't keep up, Beck?

I usually don't let the shit talk get to me, but because I'm a proud fuck who has an ongoing unspoken competition with Williams, the only player who people predict might be able to knock me out of the top pick for the NBA draft, I couldn't let him win.

It was at that moment that I decided I would rather die on that court than stay on the sidelines, so when Coach asked if I was good, I bit back the pain and put myself back into the game.

The fact that I dunked on Williams twice, even with the shitty ankle, was just the cherry on top. That and the fact that we still managed to win, even after losing our lead, and having to pull off one of the most impressive comebacks we've ever managed. It was really a mix of the perfect storm. I found my groove and every three I shot hit perfectly. Luke was on fire, that kid threw more shots last night alone than in any other game so far this season.

Needless to say, Williams didn't bother staying out to congratulate us before storming off to the locker room.

My ankle throbs again and the advice of the trainer echoes through my mind again ice and heat, just keep switching off and you'll be fine. I iced it this morning while I was studying for the exam I have tomorrow in my Organic Chem II class. Now that it's starting to hurt again I should probably get some heat on it.

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