Before We Start

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(A/N: this story is basically based on the song Miss Invisible by Marie Digby. I heard it and was inspired to make this story, which does have hidden meaning believe it or not. So I'm gonna get sappy here and say that if you ever see someone sitting by themselves or not talking to anyone, go say hi. I'm not saying that that's always the case because some people might want to be alone and might snap at you when you talk to them, I know because I've witnessed it first hand, so if they're mad you might want to keep your distance.

But otherwise, go say hi and be a friend to everyone. Just be the nice person and be kind. I know I can't force  anyone to anything and that not everyone is the same, but I think that the world would be a whole lot less hellish if everyone just used kindness to each other.

I know that I sound really sappy and probably made you throw up in your mouths since I sound like I'm scripting a Hallmark card.

But I just wanted to put that out there and see if I could inspire anyone for the better.

But anyway, thank you for reading my little note and let's continue. I hope you enjoy my story and always remember to choose kindness)

-Your Humble Author😜

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