Untitled Part 11

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"Wake up my love."  Benji breathed into my neck. I breathed in and rolled over to face him. "The sun isn't even out yet. Why wake me so early?" He kissed me intense. "I wanted to do this before I can't for the rest of the day." 

Today is Friday, it always has been my lucky day.  I get up and get dressed in a blue jeans and yellow hoodie. My boyfriend hugged me from behind. I think it's okay to call him that since we are a thing or whatever. "Maybe we can go on a date today or something?", he suggested. 

"Wow, Benji this is so romantic.", I said sarcastically. "Maybe I'll just fuck the sass out of you." I get out of his arms and hit his shoulder: "Benji what the fuck" He giggled: "I'm kidding baby, just say yes, please", while he tried his puppy eyes. "Okay, okay, I was planning on saying yes anyways."

The rest of the morning we ate breakfast and get ready. It already felt like we were a married couple with the same morning routine for years. But it wasn't boring, it made me happy. I finally feel like I belong here. Finally belong to someone. 

In the bus we sat together, holding hands. He covered our hands with his jacket, so no one will notice. Simple gestures like this made me all warm and smiley. Even in math class Noen asked: "Why are you smiling so much? It's school." I said it was because of the good weather. It was rainy and a completely gloomy sky. Ups.

At lunch we sat next to each other on the usual table. "Don't you think Chase and Noen would make a good couple?", I whispered to Benji. He looked at them, while Noen was trowing grapes at Chase, while he tried to catch them with his mouth. "I think so baby.", he says gentle and rubbed my thigh. 

Abby gasped: "Benji stop acting all weird with your damn brother." Syd rolled her eyes: "Mind your own business, they're friends." "Actually- ", Benji started but I quickly ended his sentence: "we are best friends." He kinda of stared at me offended but I ignored it. Cayman leans over the table closer to Addy to stare at her: "Why do you care so much?"

Her face went all red: "Don't you thing it's strange, like on Monday Jorge didn't even liked Benji and now the are linked like glue." Her sudden outburst caused everyone to stop their movement and look at her. "I mean they live in one house, they properly spend more time together than we do.", Chase defended us. I smiled gladly at him. 

"Yeah but we're talking about Benji. He always keeps everything a secret. We dated for two years and he didn't gave me his number, but I saw him texting Jorge in class.", she was furious at this moment. "Well maybe he didn't want you to have it?", Cayman said. "Wait, he never gave me his number either", Syd said leery.  

Benji slapped his hands on the table: "Guys stop okay? I see you guys everyday at school and my phone is only for contacting my mum and now also Jey, so please stop." Addy was instantly quiet and sat down. What just happened? No one said something, we all just sat there staring a hole at the table. 

When the bell rang Benji escorted me to my class but didn't said something. He was quiet since that. I sighed. The whole class I couldn't concentrate, my happy mood was destroyed. Love is stupid. I hate how one person can easily chance your mood like this. Also Addy and Benji have been a couple? So many thoughts. they dragged me down even more the more I thought about it.

After school I waited for Benji to come, he came later than usual: "Sorry you had to wait I needed to use the bathroom" His eyes were a bit puffy and red. "Oh okay", he obviously did not wanted to tell the truth, so I didn't push him, I was just disappointed. 

We walked a bit away from school and everyone there. Then he took my hand in his. "I prepared a little for our date." "What? When?" I was with him since yesterday evening he couldn't. "When you were still asleep, I hoped you would say yes." "I think it's physical impossible for me to deny you something." In response he smiled cheeky. 

He took me to a lake away from the streets. Their was a blanket with a picnic prepared. I smiled grateful at him. We sat down and I instantly sat down in his lap and we started to eat a bit. It was a nice view at the lake. "Jey, I need to tell you something. It has something to do with the things Addy said." I wasn't sure what to do, so I turned around in his lap to see his face and breathed an "okay."

"I gave you my number because I really like you and by that I mean I love you Jorge." I smiled my happiest smile but before I could say it back he talked further: "You properly confused why I never gave Addy my number. My mother gave me the phone, my father said I was to young for one, so she did it in secret and it felt wrong to tell anyone about it. Addy was my girlfriend at the time and I did liked her, past tense liked her. Still never told her thought. My mum broke up with my father and moved away across the country. My dad was furious and never wanted us to contact her. Since that I call her at least once a week."

"Oh Benji I'm sorry to hear that." In his eyes were already tears but he tried to force them back. "She died, she had a weak heart. I never got to say goodbye. I know before she died I left her a voice massage, saying I love her. I'm not sure if she ever listened to it since she never replied. Now I still call her once a week and tell her everything. Her number was never deleted, so sometimes I like to imagine she hears my massages from the beyond.", at this moment Benji was a crying and sobbing mess. 

I hug him for a few minutes. When he stopped the sobbing I kissed him on the lips. The kiss tasted salty from the tears and it was a bit disgusting, but also beautiful. We stayed there for a few minutes. Till Benji whispered a small: "Thank you." 

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