Bullet Of Love

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I see your hands stain red 

Stained with my blood 

And you see my heart has exploded 

Its all over the place now 

Its gone from my chest into the floor 

And writes on the walls with help from my tears 

Your cold fingers dig through my open wound 

Trying to reassemble all the pieces 

But nothing is coming together 

Its broken, destroyed 

Never to be whole again 

And I lie next to the cold steel gun 

Nothing you could ever do 

Will make me come back now 

So it's time say our goodbyes 

Hold me into your arms 

Just one last time 

I want to feel your warmth 

Sing to me your sweet lullaby 

Kiss me goodbye 

And I'll go to sleep 

This is the way it has to end 

No happily ever afters 

Just a tragic end for the both of us 

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