My New Family Problems--5

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My New Family Problems, that turned my World Upside Down

Chapter 5

I woke up the next morning wrapped in Braylon's arms. I started to push him away confused on how he got here and why he was laying with me...

Then I remembered. I broke my ankle and they made me take pills so I asked him to stay with me and he did. He really did. I could explain how I felt with one word. That one word being WOW. I tried to sit up slowly and quietly, but he tightened his grip on me then opened his eyes looking around.

"Oh you're awake." Then he let go. "You seemed so scared last night that I even thought someone was out to get you." He laughed a little and I laughed with him.

My phone started ringing and I tired to get up and find my crutch's to go get it from my dresser but Braylon jumped up to get it first. "It's uh Massie."

I sighed. "Crap. Hello girls"

"Ember! Where have you been? We've been calling you for about an hour this morning and we called six times last night!"

"Calm down Gwen! I'm fine." I heard Braylon scoff. "Oh shut up Braylon!"

"Braylon's there?" Massie said emotionless.

"Uh yeah he's here. He can't hear you guys though." I said kind of worriedly.

"I’m going to get some food, you coming?"

"No Braylon I'm not coming." I sighed. He seemed torn on weather to go and eat or stay with me. "Bray get lost! I'll be just fine. It's not like I can go anywhere with out my crutches."

"Exactly." He picked them up and left the room.

"Wait, no, Braylon!!!! Owww!" He rushed back in to find me sitting on the floor. Then he laughed. "Oh shut up."

"You okay?"

"Get lost! Out! Get your butt out of my room!" He laughed again and then left. "Stupid, annoying best friend’s ex-boyfriend." I mumbled.

"Hey Ember what was that thing about the crutches?" Alicia asked.

"Oh, uh that. I broke my ankle last night."

"YOU DID WHAT?!?!?" All three of my best friends screeched.

"Ow you guys, that was my ear, thank you very much."

"What did you do?!" Massie yelled.

"I was climbing through my window..."

"Again?" Gwen interrupted me.

"Yes again. Anyway I had forgotten about that box of pink clothes my mom put there and well I got my left ankle caught."

"Ouch. You need to be more careful Ember." Alicia said then she screamed. "OMG! Acell what are you doing here?"

"Oh that reminds me. Isn't a certain little girl's birthday today?"

"Yes it is Ember. Ohhhhhh Acell!" We heard some movement then a crash.

"Hey! Don't start all that lovey-dovey stuff on the phone!" Massie complained. I heard another crash, but this time it was in my house. I twisted myself on the floor to look at the door. Robin was there, but he was looking down the hallway.

"Happy Birthday Alicia. And Robin will you please go check to see that Bray didn't brake something in my house. I'd do it but he took my crutches."

Robin sighed. "I'll have to talk to him about that. Holler if you need me." Then he walked away. Well more like ran away, yeah ran explained it better than walked.

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