You/Lena Luthor/Kara and Alex Danvers - Godzilla Part 1

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Summary: You're Godzilla

Suggested by: Rexburn12

AN: I'm not quite sure if they wanted Alex and Kara to be related but in this story, they are just close friends.

You hated this world and everything that it stood for. You understood that humans feared what they didn't understand but you had no idea they could be so cruel. You've been hiding in National City in your human form to avoid the US military once again attacking you for not understanding what you wanted. Everything had been fine. You live alone in Antartica and no one ever bothered. It all came crashing down when a team of scientists decided to ignore the warnings and dug deeper where they shouldn't have even been looking in the first place.

Today, had been another devastating attack in the country. Aliens that no one had ever seen before have been attacking random cities and it was just a matter of time before they attacked National City. You could see people panic but yet you did nothing. Not even when Supergirl had been knocked out by one of them.

"Kara's not coming, (y/n)."

"What do you mean? She promised that she was going to be here."

Alex led you and Lena to take a seat on your couch to tell you the news. She knew that it wasn't a good idea to suddenly bring it up to them but she hated having to lie to her girlfriends. Kara had been trying to tell them but Alex had been the one to tell her that it wasn't a good idea. Their relationship was still new and it was fragile at the moment. 

"She's hurt. She's currently doing much better but she just needs time to recover."

"What the hell Alex? These couple of days have been pure hell about not being able to hear about her and you just suddenly tell us that she's hurt."

Lena's voice kept rising as she talked. She was angry and upset. Mostly worried. She needed to see Kara. You pulled her into a warm embrace and that's where she broke down. She couldn't lose any of you. The three of you were her rock. The whole reason why she never believed anyone that would drag her name through the mud.

"How did she get hurt and when can we see her?"

"The thing is that she's Supergirl."

You burst out laughing when you heard her reason. That couldn't be the reason why she was suddenly laying down on a hospital bed. When Alex didn't join in, you just knew that she was being serious.

"Kara wanted to tell you but I stopped her. The two of you already have enough on your plate as it is."

This made you furious. The relationship was suppose to be about no secrets. Yet you were still hiding from them.

"We need to see Kara."

She nodded in understanding and led you to her truck, where she drove to a facility.

"Wait isn't this the FBI headquarters. Kara works here."

"This is the DEO. I don't actually work for the FBI."

You didn't say anything. There was really nothing for you to say. You continued holding on to Lena. Telling her how everything was going to be okay and so on. Eventually, Alex stopped in front of the door. 

"She's in there. I was told that she's awake already." 

You took a deep breath and led Lena in. You stood besides Lena as she immediately wrapped Kara as best as she could in a hug. You couldn't help but smile as the two of them whispered about promises and such. Alex stood besides you, sporting the same smile as you. After their little reunion, Lena stepped back and allowed you to sit by Kara.

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