Chapter Thirty-two

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May and Jeremy didn't speak.

They found the ravine quickly. The walls were stony and steep, so they stayed up along its edge and followed it. They moved briskly, pausing only to hold their breath and listen for any noise that would indicate they were being followed. Satisfied they were still on their own, they pushed onward.

"They're going to find us," May whispered as their tree cover gave way as they got closer to the city. Concrete infrastructure grew up around them as the ravine walls sank, corralling the flowing in the ravine into a slow-moving canal. "I'm sure they know what to do when prisoners escape. How is this any different?"

"Shut up," Jeremy hissed without looking back. "We're going to be fine. Just stay close."

Everything inside of May wanted to snap back at Jeremy for telling her to shut up. She savored the fantasy of shoving him into the water and stalking off without him. But she bit her tongue and hurried forward until she was barely a pace behind him. Her fear was just a shade stronger than her indignation.

A bridge was coming up ahead. Hopelessness squeezed at May's lungs. She could imagine a swarm of cop cars lining the road up top, waiting for the two of them to surface. How did they ever think they could get away with this?
In her mind she rewound over what had just happened. Why had the guards seized her? Had Dawn said something? She tried to remember what it was.

Jeremy came to a dead stop. It happened so quickly May walked right into his back. He shushed her and she waited.

With a tilt of his head, Jeremy narrowed his eyes and peered into the darkness under the narrow bridge. May stood frozen, trying to see what he did. Sure enough, there was something down there. It didn't look like a person, per se, but her blood ran cold anyway.

Jeremy snapped his fingers three times. A beat later, two snaps came from beneath the bridge like a strange call and answer. Something about this satisfied him and he nodded toward the shadows and stepped silently into them.

Against her better judgement, May followed.
The shape turned out to be a motorcycle. Sitting beside it was a young man with scruffy hair and a leather jacket. His eyes locked on May and he scampered to his feet.

"Who's she?" he demanded, his voice low.

"She's with me, Dimitri," Jeremy replied. He was taking off jacket and shirt. "We're going to need to take the bike."

"Are you fucking kidding me, J?"

"We can't get all three of us on there."

"What about me? What am I supposed to do?"

"I know, dude. I'm sorry." Jeremy thrust the wad of clothes out to him. "I'll leave it for you in the spot?"

Dimitri looked at the clothes and scowled. His eyes flicked to May and, though she had no idea what was happening, she did her best to look pleading. Grumbling, he relented.

"Fine." He tossed his helmet at Jeremy and took the clothes.

"Give her your jacket. I'll just take your shirt."
May jumped forward and took the worn jacket when Dimitri offered it. The guys swapped shirts and then Jeremy pulled a second helmet off the back of the bike and handed it to May. "Make sure you get all your hair in there."

Quickly, May tucked her tell-tale rosy hair into the helmet, cursing at how long she had let it get as she fought with a few rogue strands.

Once she had the helmet secured, she looked to the motorcycle and blanched. "I've never ridden one of these before."

Jeremy snatched up a second helmet that hung from one of the handle bars and crammed it on his head. He swung one of his lean legs over the bike and, once he was situated, he hitched a thumb over his shoulder, indicating the extended space of seat behind him. "Don't worry about it. All you need to do is climb up and hang on."

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