Chapter 6

        Clint took me to my room and set me down on my and snuggled close to me kissing my cheek the caused me to giggle. He chuckled “Told you, you have a cute laugh.” I felt myself blushing madly “No I don’t you’re silly Clintie.” He laughed then asked “Can I hear your giggle again…?” “Maybe” I smirked. “I’ll make you giggle…” His hands on my sides and started to tickling me “No Clint…” I started giggling madly “no it hurts stop Clint.” I was giggling more.

          “No I love hearing you giggle…” Clint was grinning that jerk. I grinned and pushed him down on the bed running my fingers down and up his chest smirking. He raised an eyebrow smirking back and kissed me. I put my tiny hands up his shirt feeling that six pack of his, tracing with my finger tips; I heard Clint moan a bit wrapping his arms around her waist. My hand went slowly up his neck long soft neck gently rubbing his neck as sucked in his lower lip.

          He gave me an entrance as I slipped my tongue in his mouth; I felt him get hard under me and smirking asking “What’s wrong Clint? Do you really want me?” He blushed red “Y-yes…” I was surprised blushing “Really Clint? You really feel that way about me?” He silently nodded blushing still. I smiled and kissed his blushing cheeks “Why are you blushing?” “I always to happen to blush around you…” I raised an eyebrow and whispered in his ear “Anything else you feel around me?”      

          “Yes…” and his kissed me hard “and what’s that?” I asked giving in his hard kiss. He chuckled and kissed my neck that made me moan as he slowly reached my soft spot, ha and smart me I gave it away and he nibble gently on my sweet soft. “you…tease…” I tangled my fingers in his hair. His soft hands slid up and down my side biting softly. “Hmmmmm.” I lightly moaned at his little love bites.

          He sucked on my sweet spot. I couldn’t help but moan louder laying a hand on his neck. “Ok love birds! Let’s go fury called us!” i heard Tony shout at us on the other side of the door. Clint sighed but smirked getting up; and I guess Dawn was with Tony too “Yeah! We could hear from the other room!” I hid in my hair embarrassed feeling Clint kiss my forehead and lead us out the room.

“I’ve heard louder from you…” He smirked at me “Sorry guys.” I said as we walked to the meeting room. Clint never let go of my hand and sat next to me. Fury walked in “Ok Avengers wait first Andrew your brother dropped this off for you,” he handed me a small box. I opened the box to a black and white kitten and smiled brightly hugging the kitten close Reading the letter from Peter.

Dear Andrew,

I told Gwen you came by and she wants to have dinner with you and the Avengers tonight and we got the kitten because you use to take them in when we were kids.

                                  Love your brother Peter  

          Dawn giggled “Kitty! Watcha gonna name it? And who’s Gwen?” Clint answered “Gwen is Peter’s girlfriend.” Tony snapped his head “Peter…Peter Parker..? As in Spiderman?!” I nodded  “Yeah Peter is my brother and I was thinking for the kitten lokitty or mittens? What do you guys think?” Dawn smiled brightly “Mittens is an adorable name.” Bruce nodded “I like Mittens…” Steve chuckled “Mittens.” I lifted the kitten up to my face and pecked her on the nose “Mittens it is then,” I got up “Oh yeah and get ready for dinner with my brother and Gwen; Dawn do you have an outfit I can wear for tonight?”

          “Of course.” She smiled and took me to her room and gave me the perfect dress “This one…”       “Thank you.” I set mittens down and changed in the bathroom and came out “Is this right?” She smiling happily “Perfect!” “Thank you!” I smiled and grabbed mittens and walked over to Clint’s room and knocked on the door.  He opened the door seeing my smiling “You look…beautiful.” I looked down blushed “Uh…thanks.” Clint lifted my chin up and kissed me softly. Dawn passed us “Time for dinner, kiddies…,” She giggled “Oh and Gwen is here!” I pulled back and screamed “Gwen’s here!” I pulled Clint’s hand with Mittens under my arm and ran to where Gwen was.