Teenage Succubus

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Chapter 1

"Hey, Slut!" The female voice from behind me snickered, an almost choking sound, like she didn't get enough water, sighing I rolled my eyes and kept walking.

I mean, I was slightly huffed, a slut really? Come on that was a little uncalled for. So I was drop dead gorgeous, completely enthralling, and the envy of any girl with half a brain, I did try to play it down. My mom is a high level witch and my father was an incubus; under normal conditions my mother would have died however my father was rare in that he could choose whom to kill . As for me, well we recently discovered, I take after my father. Even my voice is seductive; it's a real bitch to my social life. As in my social life died or was never born, depending on how you look at it.

"Dai! I'm talking to you!" Sighing I stopped jerked from my thoughts and turned to meet the eyes of the prissy girl behind me.

"What do you want Chelsea?" Chelsea was a beauty, I knew that, with deep brown eyes and soft blonde hair she was a looker, but as she noticed the day we first meet- I was gorgeous. I had long tresses cascading as waves along my back there almost amber like color going flawlessly with my tan skin, I wasn't skinny, or fat, I was muscled with a bit of fluff, I had deep sea green eyes and full ruby lips, all traits of an average succubus and all the reason that Chelsea hated me from the moment we set eyes on one another; though truthfully I was ugly for a succubus.

She sneered at me twisting her pretty face, before speaking in a high shrill tone, "I want to tell you that Jacobs is like mine! So back off." With that she turned heel and stumbled away before I could say another word. I shook my head at her poor attempt of English and her poor attempt of an exit, and continued my walk home.

Why would I care? Max Lee Jacobs may be the most popular boy at our school, and downright gorgeous, but I didn't go after guys, I was many things, including spiteful, (another sweet trait from my father, all succubae and incubae are spiteful assholes, just as a general rule.) Sighing I shook my head.

I was fourteen the first time I had a boyfriend, the first time I accidently caught a man. Now I'm sure everyone is all like oh I want that power then I could get anyone I want. But it's not that simple, not only is every male already attracted to you but once you turn your affections towards them they go insane, literally. They become so obsessed and so in lust that they can't function normally, and that's what happened. His name was Will Erikson, he was a couple of years older than me and of course the bad type that girls my age always went for, it was good at first, even sweet , but then it got out of hand. He couldn't stop calling, he ditched classes and school to see me, at first I thought it was amazing to have such a guy as mine, he was so cute. But then one night it got out of hand, he held me down in the middle of the woods, he wouldn't listen finaly I gave up fighting and eventually passed out. When I awoke there Will lay pale as ice, dead for some time. I didn't stop to think I just ran, it was the day I learned something about myself: not only was I a succubus, but I was deadly. As I ran I soon learned that without a mate, succubae went insane, we only had one soul mate that lasted through each life and if we don't find them we killed mindlessly, so I have to find my mate, who will be the only man, or women, (hey infinite amount of possibilities right?) who is able to resist me. Well anyway now back to the story, my story.

Turning the corner to my house I frowned as I saw a new car in the drive, I could practically smell the man inside. I didn't even hesitate before I turned heading towards my friend Murrays house. I didn't like being at home anyway. When I finally came back at sixteen my mother became cold and distant towards me, whenever she saw me in the same room as a man she freaked, sometimes going as far as to enchant my door so I can't leave my room. As she puts it, ' I am a danger to society'.

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