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I woke up the next day with a grin on my face, pushing back the covers as I walked over to the windows. The rising sun painted the low hanging clouds a light pink hue, the green of the forest shimmering as their leaves danced in the wind.

William lay on his side of the bed, snoring as he turned onto his side. Today was his birthday, yet another year older. I hurried to take my bath and stood with a robe wrapped around me, staring at the row of dresses that were crying for my attention. It was one of the perks of being a princess, the many things you could ever desire at your fingertips.

Which one to choose? The party wouldnt be until an hour but I wanted to look good today, if not for me then for him. I was his chosen, his other half and today I would be seen in public. My thumb rubbed circles on a sleeve of a dress absentmidly, until my eyes snapped to the amazing design.

You could tell by looking at it that the dress hand been specifically made from one roll of fabric, every stitch of thread picked exactly. A deep blue, with a hint of purple in its midst. Beautiful lace sleeves of a doe brown, to settle over delicate shoulders and caress the skin. A waistline that was covered in small flowers, almost missed by the fold that opened up mid thigh. It was bold and sexy, fit for a queen. Or a princess.

I carefully took it out of the closet and held it in front of me. Even being raised up as a Royal. I had never been able to hold such a masterpiece. I laid the dress to the side, picking up my crown, only to drop it back onto its case. It was burning hot, every touch with my skin made me feel a rush of power I had never felt.

Thoughts entered my head, making me press my hands at the base of my skull as my soul teared open. I opened my eyes and stared at the mirror as my hair began to change its color and texture before me. What was once blonde and frizzy became a beautiful light chestnut, the length reaching to my lower back in luxurious waves. My eyes began to water as a fire like sensation spread through them, causing me to whimper as I looked up to see their color change to the color of the dress on the bed.

My hands moved on their own, placing the crown on my head, my lips stretching inot a beautiful smile. I stared at my reflection, crying out as my left arm started to burn. The cry snapped William out of his sleep, his eyes staring at me in confusion as he got up off the bed. "What are you doing in my room?" He asked as he crossed his arms, a frown settling upon his face. I opened my mouth to reply as a stream blood ran down my arm, followed by the black ink that felt like a brand. "W-William. Its me." I whimpered as my knees hit the ground. "Nice try. Ive had enough games these past days. Did Royal put you up to this?" He asked as he rolled his eyes, reaching out and touching my arm. He snapped his hand back, reeling back in horror as my skin split as the black ink cut a tattoo down the length of my arm.

"I'm Royal, its me William." I cried as he helped me up. "Wait, what?" He asked as he leaned down and looked me in the eye. "Royal?" He asked. I nodded my head as the pain stopped, the blood dripping off my arm and into a puddle on the ground. I stiffened up as I waited for another wave of pain to go through me. "What the hell happened to you?" He asked as I got up and went over to the bookshelf, going through the books until it settled on a book about my families history. "Something happened when I touched the crown." I said as I flipped through the pages until I found what I was looking for. My likness to her was scary, down the the exact detail. My name settled upon the name. Ariana Royal Maxi.

Ariana Royal Maxi was the only Queen in the history of the Max bloodline to unite all kingdoms under her rule. Rumored to be the daughter of one of the three Gods, she was blessed with the ability to heal anything her power touched. Crowds flocked to her presence to feel her warmth. Forests grew lush under her rule, food bountiful. People flocked to the palace as her daughter was born, blessed with the very tattoo that symbolised her status. A goddess amongst men.

"We need to get ready for the party. I will talk to your father later." I said as I threw the book and handed him a suit. "We will be late in ten minutes." I said as I ran into the powderoom where I quickly slipped on the dress and heels. It clung to ny pronounced figure, the curves more obvious. "What is happening to me?" I whispered as William knocked. It was time to go. My nerves were shot as we speedwalked to the ballroom and were announced to the room. "God, everyone is going to be staring at me." I whispered. The king stood at the bottom of the stairs his gaze settling to a portrait that hung between the thrones. Whispers ring through as I stopped in front of the King. "What is happening to me?" I asked him. He frowned. "There is a man here to see you, Ariana. He says he knows who you are." He says as he pointed over to a man who sat in one of the thrones. I turned to William. "Have a good party." I pleaded as I walked strait to the thrones, and to the portrait that looked so much like the person I had become.

"I see that you've returned from the dead, Queen Ariana." The man said as he stood up from the throne with a grin. "I've missed that smile, darling."

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