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Last night, Michael and I had set up birthday banners, put out her presents and he showed me her cake. It was pink, with gold glitter painted on in the shape of little crowns; it also said her name.

As expected, she ran through to my room and woke me up at 5am, then I told her to go back to bed. Unhappy about this, she got in my bed and cuddled into me, but I fell asleep again. 

In fact, I didn't wake up until 8am, and I could hear Michael trying to keep her occupied. He had to leave soon, so I felt awful.

"Sorry," I hummed, walking into his room.

"It's okay, I've given her breakfast,"

"I wanted to give her a special one," I sulked, letting her crawl in my arms, "but thankyou, I know you need to go to work,"

"I can stay for presents,"

"Happy birthday," I smiled, gently kissing her head, "I'm so proud of you,"

"For what?"

"Growing up!"

"Oh, okay. I love you a lot,"

I picked her up and we went downstairs, her presents in a pile. She kicked her legs excitedly and I put her down, watching as she ran to the cards first.

"I can't read it,"

"Bring them over, I'll read them to you,"

She sat snugly back on my lap and I took the cards, reading each one. There was one from each of the boys and their families, as well as a few of my work friends.

"Wow, aren't you lucky?"

"Did you get me a card dad?"

"I did, it's in the pile somewhere,"

"Oh," she said, looking at the watch on Michael's wrist.

"What are you doing?"



"Saturday, to open my presents,"

"Open them now you numpty, Michael has to go soon,"

Wriggling off my lap, she started ripping open the paper from her presents. She got dolls, craft sets, and some colouring. There wasn't too much glitter- thankfully- but enough glittery stickers to satisfy her.

"A card!"

"That's from me. Open the present so Uncle Mikey can go,"

She ripped open the paper and let out a happy shout, tugging at the box.

"A dog house! A dog house! And dogs!"

"That's just what you wanted ay?" Michael chuckled, giving her a hug goodbye, "I'll celebrate after work, okay?"

"Okay," she said happily, kissing his cheek. As he grabbed his things and headed off, she brought the card over and sat back on my lap.

"Please could you read this to me?"

"Of course I can,"

"Thankyou for my dog house,"

"You're very welcome. When everyone on Saturday comes, you need to say thankyou,"

"I will. What does my unicorn card say?"

"It says- to my amazing, wonderful daughter. Thankyou for always making me smile, and caring about me. You have grown up into a beautiful little girl, and filled a hole in my heart. I can't wait to have more adventures, and lots more cuddles, love, dad,"

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