David and Trisha

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Liked by 823,645 othersDavid dobrik: hot girl summer

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Liked by 823,645 others
David dobrik: hot girl summer

Trisha paytas: ur so hot. Can we fuck tho?


David sat on his couch confused as fuck snorting cocaine. He had read Trisha's comment and had gone into shock. His own mother wanted to fuck him. Oh wow classy David thought.

In her home Trisha sat biting her nail waiting for David to comment. She was dressed like a bee and was checking herself out in Jason's car mirror cuz she had stole his car earlier this morning. She also stole his weed and kidnapped one of his kids. She was keeping him captive in her basement.

David then decided to stop snorting cocaine as he replied to Trisha's comment.

David dobrik: @ trishapaytas sure. Come over ;)

Trisha was excited when she saw the comment. She realized it would be nice to get dick for a change. She always got Natalie but David would be new. She then hopped inside of Jason's stolen Tesla and zoomed off to Jason's house at 420 miles. He stopped at his address on 69 crackhead road and knocked on his door. David answered the door with some cocaine as a welcome present.

"Where do we do this?" Trisha asked David referring to the sex she wanted.

"I dunno you chose." David said letting her inside.

"Let's do it in Jeff's prison cell. He likes to make things awkward and doesn't like to say my name but at least someone will be screaming it." She said throwing some weed at David.

David smiled and brought Trish out to his Tesla.

"I have the perfect place to do this." David said zooming over to where they kept Jeff in his cell in jail.

Him and Trisha broke in with some coke and started to get at it realizing Jeff was in the courtyard.

After David and Trisha did a sextape in Jeff's bed he walked in. He decided ro join them in the whole thing and they had a Coke filled threesome.

David them started to vlog some and posted it on YouTube then zoomed out of prison realizing his fans might find him. David then sat again in his couch confused as fuck when he got a comment in his Instagram post from Trisha.

Trishapaytas: wanna do it again David? Thank you

David couldn't do that again so he did the only reasonable thing and jumped off his balcony.

Authors note
This wouldn't have been possible without @dezzy.spammy on ig. This is 420 words long btw.

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