Chapter 6: Progress

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Megan's POV
She sat up after her father left and thought my dad is the damn reason I'm here what evil man is he? I thought he was a good man. Like he was away most of the time but he raised me. I hate him I must escape. I will report to the police with these thoughts  I made up my mind to escape.

Nicholas's POV

Later after Megan fell asleep, I came in with a plate of spaghetti Bolognese and sauce

I watched her as she slept and felt a fondness for her and wished they met in different circumstances

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I watched her as she slept and felt a fondness for her and wished they met in different circumstances.
Then he shook his head as if it would remove the thoughts, he then tapped her she looked so innocent. She looked at him like he   was a snake. She gave me a cold look and said "What do you want, to stick more needles into my flesh."
I then felt a pang of guilt in his heart❤️ as she said that but he didn't let her know. And so I answered "It's time to eat then we will resume the tests" She rolled her eyes and said

" So just because I'm supernaturally immune doesn't mean I'm not a human and I don't have feelings just so you know"

"Well, you're Dad said that you should eat and you don't need to and want to defy Big Boss trust me"  I warned.

"You expect Me  to trust you that kidnapped me. You can't be serious"  she spat.

But she did eat and I'm sure she enjoyed it cause she cleaned her plate

And what happened next shocked me.
She looked at me all sad like and said
" I'm sorry for snapping at you and thanks for the food"

Hope you guys enjoyed the chapter; the vibe between Nicholas and Megan. 💞

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