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Historically Inaccurate has officially hit 100 thousand reads and I can't believe it. Thank you so much you guys. I really truly appreciate you guys reading this story and I'm always super excited when I see people vote or comment on it. I know it's been a long bumpy ride but I appreciate all of you who are here, reading this.

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It takes me a minute to remember where I am when I wake up. The ceiling is high and slanted, and the light entering through the large windows to the right is scattered because of the trees surrounding us.

I turn to my side and see Ophelia is still fast asleep, but I hear the tapping of keys, and so I sit up to better see the room. Anna is sitting down on her bed, legs crossed, with her sleeping mask up on her messy hair. Her fingers are tapping swiftly through her screen, she doesn't even seem to notice that I've woken up too.

"Morning." A yawn escapes through me as I stretch and try to not let any dinosaur mating calls out. "We missed you last night."

"Yeah, something came up." She says this without even looking away from her phone.

"Is everything okay?" No memory comes to mind of Anna being this serious.

"Yeah, it's something personal." She gets up from the bed, giving me a smile as she grabs her murder robe, "Thanks for asking."

Anna leaves the room, taking her mystery with her, and because Ophelia is still asleep I feel like I should find something to do too.

Out in the hallway, the bathroom of the girl's wing seems to be busy, so I can't take a shower like I intended to. I drop my bag back inside the room and instead make my way downstairs to the laundry room where we were able to dry our swimsuits and change into mine there.

Out on the deck the boys, except Ethan, and two of the girls are using the grill once again. Carlos is lounging on one of the chairs with his button-up open to expose his pale chest, which is exactly where I slap him once I've snuck behind him.

"Ah, Sol!"

"Sorry, you were just so vulnerable, I couldn't help it."

"Yeah? You know that's exactly what a serial killer would tell its victim, just saying."

"Oh sure, you big baby." He shoves my hand away when I try to grab his cheeks.

"I will throw you in the lake, woman."

"No, you won't."

"You think I won't?"

"I think you're a chicken."

But the moment that sinister smile creeps up his face I know it's time to run.

Oh fuck. He gets up just as fast as I step away and the next moment he's wrestling with me as I try to make my body heavy.

Now, let me tell you, I'm not the thinnest girl out there. I will hands-down eat the last taco left standing, but Carlos is a crazy self-indulgent fitness addict, so when he manages to snake one of his arms around one of my legs while the other one grabs me from underneath my torso, I am beyond impressed and horrified.

"No, Carlos stop, we're both gonna fall and die!" I scream while being fully aware that the rest of the people in the deck are being thoroughly entertained.

"I'm sorry you called me a chicken I have to do this now" He laughs, walking us down the pier. "Look at it this way, you're already wearing a swimsuit."

"I swear I'll bring you down with me." But before I can even think of that I feel his arms give out at the end of the pier and I'm falling, screaming bloody murder before my body crashes through the water.

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