Chapter Twenty Nine

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(Hello! Just stopping by to say when you see the three stars (***) once again that means things are getting headed and you can skip till the you see the stars again if you aren't comfortable with that.)

After school when Isobel asked if I wanted to come over, I suggested we go for a walk to the park. She agreed, and we were walking in comfortable silence a little while later.

My hand was squeezed tightly in hers, while she kept rubbing the back of my hand with her thumb absently.

I thought about how I would approach the topic with her. She might think it was weird for me to be worrying about this having only been "together" for a few days now. But it didn't feel that way, since we'd had this back and forth thing going for a few months now, and it felt like we were at a point in our relationship that was way past just a few days because of our previous friendship too.

Not to mention the fact that I was already in love with her. I wondered if she felt the same, or at least somewhat close to that. I wouldn't mind if she wasn't yet, after all she'd fought her feelings for so long that who knows when she'd be able to make sense of them.

Isobel sighed lightly. "Babe, is everything okay?"

I looked up at her. "Yeah, why?"

She chewed her lip. "You seem a little drawn back."

"No, no. Everything is okay, I've just got some things playing on my mind." I gave her a reassuring smile and leaned closer into her side as we walked together.

"Wanna talk about it?"

"Yeah, actually I was going to bring it up. I was just thinking how."

We had just walked into the park so she led us to a nearby bench in front of the little lake. "I'm listening."

Looking out onto the kids playing around and people jogging and walking across the park, I opened my mouth then closed it again. My gaze shifted back to her expectant face and I don't know why I switched topics last minute. "I'm just stressed about school and everything coming to an end so soon, that's all."

She looked a little relieved and smiled. "I know, me too. But we have nothing to worry about, everything is going to go so well and we'll graduated and all be moving onto better things." She wrapped her fingers lightly around my chin and tipped it up towards her, placing a gentle kiss. "And we have each other no matter what."

Her words eased some of my worries, and I smiled into her lips. I pushed for a more eager kiss and slipped my hand on her upper thigh inching upwards teasingly, making her hum.

"Babe, you can't be doing things like that in public." She groaned against my lips.

"Why not?" I whispered, inching a little higher, positively feeling the emanating heat from her core through her jeans.

She put her hand over mine and slid it higher till it was directly between her legs, then crossed them over each other so it didn't look like anything out of the ordinary was happening to the outside eye.

With her lips still devouring mine, we were attracting quite a bit of unwanted attention around us. I looked up for a second and found a couple parents giving us dirty looks.

I couldn't quite figure out if it was because it was a PDA display in front of their kids or because we were two girls. Either way I pulled away from Isobel and cleared my throat, still feeling hot and breathing heavily

She quickly noticed and stood up, pulling me up as well. "We're finishing this at home."

I looked up at her under my lashes and held in a smirk. She was clearly having a hard time keeping it together. It was satisfying to see, and only made the fire burning across my skin light up even more.

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