Part 17

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Ani. Shivaay leave me.  I can't cheat daksh. What will I answer him that why I deceived him.  She grumble glaring at him.

Shiv. Don't need to lie baby I know everything. I know u would be confused so let me tell u. I know u and daksh are faking relationship. There is nothing between u guys.  That all things which u guys were trying to show me. It was all fake. Even daksh is not  ur friend. He said with mischievous smile.

Ani.  No asa nhi ha. She stammered

Shiv. Jaan stupid hasn't written on my face. So stop fooling me.  Anyways don't bash around and tell me why u did it.

Ani. I don't need to tell u. She said straightening herself on the bed.

Shiv. What do u mean u don't need to tell me. U have to tell me miss Anika. Why were u fooling me from past 6 months what's the reason of behind it.  Speak up damn it.he said pulling her closer to her by her arms.

Ani. U r hurting me. She spoke with glistening eyes.

Shiv. And what about my heart which go hurt because of u. I thought u just don't love me. But never thought that for getting rid of me u will stoop so low and will make a fake husband so that I doesn't go behind u like a lost puppy.u hurt me a lot Anika. I never thought that my best friend ,love of my life will make me fool. He said with watery eyes.

Ani.  For god sake stop it Shivay. Why u don't understand we have nothing between us. U r forcefully smearing urself on me.  I just wanna be a employ who is care taker of ur daughter as well as p.a of urs.  That relation which we used to share that has been finished while ago. I know I shouldn't had do it to u. But I hadn't have any choice. U forced me to do that. I had been got tired to making u understand about each other that's why I chose this way to  push u away from me. But no u r shivaay singh oberoi. U didn't even move inch and continued to coming closer to me. 

Shiv. Bcz I love u

Anika chucks sarcastically and spoke.

Ani. If I would have be same old teen Anika then I would have believed on u. But now I'm mature girl a mother of baby boy. So I understand  why u love me.  So stop this non sense and let me lead my life on my own bases.she wiped her tears and about to get off when shivaay held her hand

Shiv. If daksh is not ur husband then who is shavi. Who's his father.  Anika clenched her fist in fear and started sweating profusely.

Shiv. What happened why r u not telling me.  Is there anything which is connecting with me.

Ani. Nhi. He is my son only he don't needs his father. She murmured and run away jerking his hand away.

Shiv. Why I'm feeling like she is hiding something from me.  He said lost in his own thoughts.

In morning.

Ani. Baby eat this medicine we r getting late. She said  showing tablet to shavi who is scowling to seeing medicines.

Shavi. No mumma it's so bitter.

Ani. I know baby but if u won't eat them then u will fell ill. 

Shavi. Ok mumma he made a cute pout and Stuffed it in his mouth making weird faces.

Shiv. Ya Kaya ha.

Anika immediately got up and put medicines in drawer.

Ani. It's nothing. Let's go we r getting late. 

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