Chapter Twenty Seven

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The next morning, I cracked my eyes open feeling confused for a few seconds. I couldn't remember where I was or what had happened, or what the weight on my waist was.

I looked down at the long pale arm wrapped tightly around me, and became aware of the body pressed against my back as well as the fact that I was naked.

My heart skipped a beat and an automatical smile lifted my lips. Judging by her even breathing, Isobel was still asleep. I slowly lifted her arm and turned to face her, placing it back down on my waist.

I leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her lips. She gave a little groan when I pulled away, and I kissed her again with a laugh.

"Good morning." She whispered.

"Morning." I replied, smiling. Our faces were close enough that our noses were touching.

My phone pinged, and I reached over to pick it up.

Where are you? Coaches leave in 15! -Madison.

I screeched, bolting upright. "We're late!"

"Huh?" Her face morphed into confusion, and she rubbed her eyes with a yawn.

"The coaches are leaving soon, we overslept!" I jumped out of bed and started collecting my clothes from where they were strewn all over the floor.

She groaned loudly. "Couldn't we just have been able to enjoy a romantic morning in bed?"

I turned to her before I slipped into the bathroom. "We can have all the romantic mornings you want once we get home, which we won't if we miss the buses."

"Fine, fine." She sat up, yawning. "Just stop running around like a headless chicken, 15 minutes is enough. It's not like they'd leave without us anyway."

"Whatever, just hurry." With that, I closed the door behind me and started changing. Clearly there wasn't enough time for a shower.

In the end we were only 5 minute late, and we actually weren't the last ones to arrive. We'd packed up all our clothes back into our bags and made sure we didn't leave anything, then rushed down to the square where everyone was already seated in their coaches.

I found Mrs. Kenwood waving me over, so I rushed towards her and handed her our key, before stuffing my bag into the baggage compartment and climbing on.

I spotted Charlie and Grayson and headed towards them. They'd saved me a seat in front of them again, so I fell into it.

"What took you so long?" Charlie asked. I turned my head towards them.

"Um, we overslept." Was all I said, and they nodded.

It seemed that finally everyone made it on, because a few seconds later the coach rumbled to life and we were on our way.

I was fully well rested, so sleep didn't come so easily. Instead my mind wandered to the events of last night.

It was safe to say that Isobel and I were back on the right track again, and I had a feeling this time things would finally start moving smoothly.

A wave of heat went through me as I remembered what had happened after, the image of Isobel looking up at me from between my legs flashing behind my eyes. I shook my hair forward to make sure no one saw the beet blush on my cheeks.

My heart was soaring. I was just so purely happy, there weren't enough words to explain it. The sadness and disappointment at leaving this magical place was tremendously dulled by the ecstasy pumping through me. Isobel was mine.

I'd always remember this trip as the one that finally brought her and I together, even though we went through many ups and downs, we were leaving this place together.

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