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Keira's deranged mother was murmuring for quite some time with a book in her hands. The book was something similar to the book she told Keira to dig up, like it also had three eyes on it, a snake-like binding to it. She also had a medium-sized dagger lying on the floor near her. Now Keira didn't know what type of spell her mother was using but it felt like she was taking powers from nature and the book but not using her own.

"What's that dagger for?" Keira asked after staring at Keisha for the past half an hour. At first, she looked like she didn't hear Keira but after a few minutes, her eyes opened which was glazed over.

The object of the question was in her hands as she drew the dagger in the lifeline on her palm. The drops of blood fell into the book, making Keira cringe.

What on earth was she doing?

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise, now, would it?" Keisha said before standing up with the dagger. Oh please don't tell me she's using it to kill me, Keira prayed as her mother started to come closer...

"W-What are you doing?"

"I'm sorry but guess you have to wait here for a little. I need to hide this thing somewhere. Just don't try to escape oh wait... you can't." Chin high, she spun on her heels with a giggle. Only when Keira saw her mother disappear behind the deeper side of the woods, that she looked around her to figure out where she was. 

And why didn't Keisha take the book with her?

Keira tried to look at the blood-filled page but all she could see was blurred writing. For better visual, she pressed her hands on the mirror, trying to read them on the reflection. When all the letters made sense, her eyes widened, making her frozen.

Keisha had the weapon. The dagger that could finally kill her and now she was hiding it somewhere. Quickly going back to the page, Keira's hands started to shake cause right there she knew where I was.

Nerulia beach.

The one place which had been the reason for her many nightmares in the Red clan. It was a place for banishment or worse death. So, why did Keisha take her there of all places in the world? As if the truth opened some of Keira's powers, she could feel murmurs and low crying erupting in the air. She knew her face was most likely pale and she was on the verge of freaking out but she kept reading the page and finally, she found some answers.

She knew where Keisha was hiding the dagger. Only if she could escape from this mirror...

"What are you thinking?" Startled, Keira's eyes snapped to the figure walking around her. Keisha', Keira's brown eyes slid to the position Keira was sitting and she immediately stood up. Keira didn't need Keisha to start doubting her.

"Keira...did anyone came here when I was gone?"

Yes...some knowledge.

"No, was someone supposed to?"

Keisha's eyes narrowed when she stared at Keira. Perhaps she doubted something but thankfully she decided to let it go. After murmuring something, Keira saw her mother's hands raised towards the mirror. "I don't like the way you're behaving. I'm breaking the connection now."

Her hands were in the mirror while she was chanting something in Latin. Those spells were not pure magic, of course, Keira knew that her mother couldn't use anything close to pure but Keira had an idea how to escape if Keisha let her out willingly. And for that, she had to act quickly.

"How long it'll take to break the connection? Why don't you first let me come?" Keira asked her mother, who's gaze snapped to her in irritation. Though she was focused on releasing her powers, she was glaring through her eyelashes, making Keira frown. Keira didn't like how Keisha was staring at her. Was this how she's going to break the connection?

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