Chapter 1.

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SEQUEL TO: "I Will Survive with... Louis Tomlinson?"

*Cover made by; YoureMyRedHead* :)

Scarlett's POV

I don't know if it's just me and my slightly unusual taste buds, but I'm convinced cereal tastes a lot better at any other time during the day other than the breakfast period. I swallowed another mouthful of the chocolate rice puffs, debating in my mind whether it was a real issue or not. My eyes left the spoon which was hovering in front of my face and landed on the figure slumped on the sofa, looking barely alive. I rolled my eyes at the person before smiling subtly to myself. The afternoon sun was streaming through the windows of the apartment, making it practically impossible to see the TV screen unless you were two feet away from it. The sound of the cooking channels narrator filled the otherwise quiet room with his prominent, stern voice as he recited words. The sound of him diverging into the language of cake was putting me ever so slightly off my cereal and was tempting me to splurge on the birthday cake hidden deep within the fridge. I pondered on the thought of secretly taking a small nibble but my arm subconsciously brought the last spoonful of cereal to my mouth stopping the thoughts of cake filling my mind anymore. The metal object clunked against the china bowl as I chewed the final remains of the chocolate goodness. The room filled with the sound of a door letting out a painful squeak as it was swung back on its hinges.

"Oh, good morning, or should I say afternoon." I smirked at my sister as she waddled out of her room, still wearing her pyjamas and sporting her attractive bed hair.

"You can't talk, you're eating cereal." She shot back as a small smile formed on her face. She planted herself upon the counter where I had previously eaten my breakfast off. I rolled my eyes at her for reasons she knew why. "I know, you eat off here but it's comfy." She spoke before I could complain for using the breakfast counter as her personal seat.

"You know most people normally spend their birthdays with people not locked inside their bedrooms for over half the day." I said, changing the subject to something more important.

"I was sleeping."

"What time did you get in?"

"I'm not really sure..." She trailed off in a timid voice as she fiddled with the hem of her shirt.

"Were you with Niall?"

"Who else would I be with?"

"I was just checking. I like to know you're safe. You are my little sister after all." I grinned before ruffling her hair in a manner she clearly didn't like.

"I'm not little anymore. I think you're forgetting today is my birthday." She stated proudly before sending a cheeky wink in my direction.

"It feels just like yesterday I was turning eighteen. They grow up so fast." I sighed whilst I placed my empty bowl in the sink.

"Scarlett." Laura whined.

"Is she giving you the whole, 'when I was your age' talk?" Louis questioned Laura as he rose from the sofa and joined us in the kitchen, helping himself to a bottle of water from the fridge.

"Not yet but I'm sure she was just getting to it." She snickered.

"Do you not appreciate my love?" I gasped as I playfully hit them both with a dish cloth.

"Of course I do, you buy the food."

"Nice to know you love me for my supermarket trips and not my awesome sisterly love I offer you."

"Well yeah that too, but a nice cheese sandwich is always good." We all chuckled at her response, I knew she was joking after all, Laura doesn't show emotions too well, she becomes overwhelmed and it's simply just not in her nature. Most of the time she's like a closed book, the only person she dares open up to is her boyfriend, unless it's female problem, that would probably be slightly awkward. Niall doesn't do well in awkward situations, you can tell by the way he lets out a nervous laugh and then continues into hysterics for no reason.

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