Chapter 24- The News❤️

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I sit down on the sofa, as soon as I get home and turn on the TV to watch some shows. I grab my phone put of my pocket and go onto Instagram. When I hear the front door open and a womens voice.
"Hello sweetie!" the voice says. The person comes into veiw and I see it as my mother.
"Hey mum!" I say as she throws my some chocolate.
"It's Friday, I got you a treat!" She says as she smiles at me. My mother is a dentist so she is really big about my eating healthy for my teeth. I smile at her and open the chocolate, while going on my phone.

I get up and walk to the kitchen.
"Mom I'm going out with Liam tonight at about 7!"i say as I grab some coke from the fridge. My mum looks at me and nods. I smile and grab my bag from the living room and start to head up to my room.

Once I'm in my room, I throw my bag on my bed and bellylfop on the bed. I eat the chocolate and drink some coke when I get a text from Liam
Liam- Get out here dude. I'm waiting.

I smile and check the time to see its 20 to 7. I grab my shoes and grab a hoodie and start to make my way back downstairs
"I'll be back soon, bye!" I shout as I close the door behind me. I hear a little 'ok' and climb in Liams car. Yes, he is 17. Yes he can drive. He smile at my and pulls out of my drive.
"Where we going?" I ask as I put my phone away.
"Dude, we are gunna go get pizza and then go over Wills to watch the game!" He says as he looks at me.
"Ahh, nice. What pizza?" I ask. Ask you can tell. I love food. He laughs and we pull into the pizza place. We grab some pizza and I get a plain cheese pizza.
"Mate, your so plain!" Liam says as we get into the car. I check the time to see its half 7. I nod and we start to drive to to Wills.

We walk into Wills House.
"We are home!" Liam says as he walks through the big hallway. I laugh
Liam is Wills best friend. And is like another family member to the family.
"We bring pizza!" I shout as we walk into the living room to see all my mates say their. I put the pizza on the table and sit down in between Noah and Lucas. I smile and grab a piece of pizza as Will put on the game. I eat the pizza and then I spot out the corner of my eye the breaking news in the corner. I turn to look at it and see her name....
This is a short chapter but it is a new point of veiw!! - PurpleSlothStories ❤️

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