Chapter 15 Mother And Son

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Chapter 15

Mother And Son

Zack's POV

I waited for Jackie to end it. But instead a herd a powerful yet gentle female voice.

"Leave him be." The voice said and I herd a collective gasp.

"But he's....." Jackie began and the woman cut her off.

"He is a hero, and you will not harm him or his sister." The woman said and opened my eyes.

"Your the mother goddess aren't you?" I asked quietly.

"I am. And I've been watching you for some time Zack." The mother goddess said.

"Why?" I asked.

"What you are makes you a descendent of evil. But your heart is full of love for your family." She said. "And if there's one thing I've discovered about this world, it's that love conquers anything, be it good or evil." The mother goddess said, and snapped her fingers. I herd the chains on Alexia break.

My sister ran into my arms and I hugged her tight as she did me. After me and my sister had our moment, we let go of each other.

"So what now?" Alexia asked.

"Now you and your family return to Hell and live in peace. I can assure you there will be no further harm to you or your family. You let me worry about everything else." Mother goddess said. Me and Alexia nodded and were instantly back in Hell along with everybody else.

"What happened?" Astaroth asked.

"Mother." Dad said happily.

"Do you think she'll ever let you return?" I asked referring to Heaven.

"She offered to, before helping you. But I told her my place was in Hell with my family." Dad said and I nodded.

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