Chapter 38: Daddy Dearest

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"Who could it have been?" Erin asked in confusion. "Who could have taken your powers away?"

"It had to be a witch." Kestrel replied as we followed her up the path, towards the Vine Manor. Kestrel charged through door and into the lobby where Sylvia was waving her fingers around a dying plant, reviving it back to life.

"What is it dear?" Sylvia asked in concern, sensing her granddaughters' fury.

"A witch has taken my powers away." Kestrel told her Grams.

"That must mean dark magic," Sylvia replied. "And dark magic means sacrifice. That's never ends well."

"Who could it have been?" Kestrel cried in frustration.

"Who are the current witches in town?" Grams asked.

"There's Cole and Kennedy. But Kennedy is Mary-Theresa's granddaughter so she must be good. And Cole is good too so it can't be him either." Kestrel explained.

"I'll see what I can do." Sylvia promised her and hurried out of the lobby room.

* * * * * * * *

For the next few days, nothing extraordinary happened. The sun was beaming down on Martina Bay as I walked past the library. I was heading towards George's apartment, to ask him advice on being a vampire. That's when I felt my cell phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out and answered the unknown number.

"Hello?" I said down the phone.

"My cunning little daughter. How are you, Rowan?" I heard Godrik say on his sinister sounding British accent.

"What do you want?" I snarled in reply.

"Meet me at Old Martina Church." Godrik told me. I laughed.

"How about... No."

"Come to the church or your brother Chris dies." Godrik hissed dangerously. My heart hammered in my chest so loud I was sure Godrik could have heard it over the phone.

"I'm on my way." I replied in defeat and I hung up.

* * * * * *

The double doors to the old church were wide open when I arrived there. I stepped over the threshold into complete darkness. I could hear breathing, and a sinster, mocking laugh coming from the darkness.

"Okay, where are you?" I called out into the church. Another snicker danced around me. The long sheets blew from the windows,letting light pour into the abandoned church. There stood Godrik, at the other end of the church, smiling at me. In a flash of a second, he moved from one end of the church to a metre away from me.

"Where's my brother?" I asked him defensively.

"Why ask? He's been at home all along. Godrik laughed wickedly.

"Y-you tricked me!" I snarled. His glare focused on me, making me feel vulnerable.

I stood, breathing fast and heavily, in front of Godrik. He stared at me, his face full with amusement, interest and hunger. I couldn't move, I couldn't speak. Then, something from deep inside of me erupted. I exploded into rage and ran forward to my Father, fangs exposed. I swung round my fist and it connected on his jaw. Nothing happened. Instead, I held my fist in pain as Godrik smiled at me, unphased.

"Daughter, I am the first vampire." He laughed in his English accent. I ignored him and gave him a hard kick to the side. He didn't even stumble.

"Now girl, you're grounded." He snarled and he threw out his arm and struck me with the back of his hand. This sent me soaring backwards and I landed into the church pillar. It crumbled and collapsed to the floor; I had to roll to dodge the rubble. That's when the church began to crumble and groan until the whole roof caved in...

Rubble and dust poured down onto the floor. I saw the shadow of Godrik attempt to dodge a falling beam but it landed on him. I smiled as I saw Godrik's trapped body, laying still under the fallen beam. Staggering, I made my way towards him and stared down at his unconscious body; covered in rubble and dust.

All of a sudden, his hand grabbed my ankle tightly, his fingers clamped around my foot. I screamed as I tried to pull away but it was no use. Using all my strength, I kicked my heel in his face and he released his grip on me. As quick as I could, I staggered away towards the doors that held my freedom. I could hear the collapsing roof above me groaning dangerously. But before I could get through the doors, the rest of the roof gave in and I was swallowed in rubble, rock and dust...


Kennedy smiled. Her plan had worked and Kestrel's powers were drained, leaving Kennedy the most powerful witch in Martina Bay. What Kestrel didn't know, was that Kennedy not only drained her powers, but she stole them to gain more power for herself.

"Kennedy?" Mary-Theresa said timidly.

"What?" Kennedy snapped impatiently.

"Did something happen to you in San Francisco?" She asked her.

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, evil is made, not born. So something must have happened to you to make you use this dark magic."

"Oh please. Give it a rest old woman." Kennedy laughed as she flicked through the Grimoire.

"What happened." Mary-Theresa insisted. Kennedy gave her grandmother a dark look.

"Basically, the coven got bored, as well as I. We wanted excitement but my goody goody sister Kylie wouldn't have it. So we kicked her out of the coven and Gretchen became the new leader. The coven drained Kylie's magic and then we all turned to dark power." Kennedy explained.

"You did that to your own sister?" Mary-Theresa gasped.

"You think that's bad? We sacrificed Kylie." Kennedy laughed.

"K-Kylie's dead?" She cried, falling to her knees in grief.

"Yes, she is." Kennedy replied without emotion.

"Dark magic really does vanquish a witch's soul." Mary-Theresa sobbed. "How could you! How could you kill your own flesh and blood!"

All the lights around them flickered and a few exploded. Kennedy stumbled back a few steps from the mild force of Mary-Theresa's power. Then, Kennedy laughed. She threw out her hand and Mary-Theresa was launched backwards and pinned against the wall.

"You're in no position to try frighten me grandmother. You be a good girl and keep your mouth shut and do not ruin my plans. Got it?" Kennedy said with a fake innocent smile. Then Kennedy left the lobby, the clicking of her heels echoing the whole room.

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