Chapter 37: Shopping

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"What about this one?" Cordelia suggested, walking out from behind the curtains. She gave a twirl as we examined her dress. It was fully white and tight around her waist; and then it fell loosely around her legs. There was a silky train that went down the back and stopped near her ankles. She looked immensely beautiful and perfect.

"You look amazing Cordelia!" I cried in admiration.

"That's definitely the one." Kestrel said nodding and admiring her dress.

"Yeah, it's gorgeous." Erin agreed, smiling.

"What do you think Leah?" Cordelia asked looking at her best friend, hopefully.

Leah, who was staring out of the window looked at Cordelia.

"What?" She asked quickly.

"What do you think of my dress?"

"Oh, a dress is a dress. Who cares what it looks like?" Leah laughed. Cordelia looked at her, unamused and stone-faced.

Then Leah's expression changed in a second. "Oh honey! Of course it's gorgeous!" She cried and wrapped Cordelia in a hug. Cordelia smiled in gratitude and hugged her back tightly. I couldn't help but notice how off Leah was being.

Leah took her seat again and then it was Erin's turn to go change into her dress. She disappeared behind the changing curtains.

"What do you think of Kennedy?" I asked Kestrel. She smiled.

"I think she's nice." Kestrel replied. "There's finally another female witch my age that I can share my magic with."

I smiled. "She seems like a good help to us."

"She seems like a bitch." Leah muttered. Silence went over the room.

"Why?" Kestrel questioned her defensively.

"Erm, excuse me? Did you see her, waltzing in with her channelled magic. She has an ulterior motive. I could almost smell it on her." Leah stated. Kestrel rolled her eyes.

"Coming from the crazy evil vampire that thinks she's found redemption." Kestrel retorted.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Leah snapped. I stood up.

"Okay, that's it. Shut the hell up, both of you. You may not like each other but you both need to get over it. Don't like each other, don't talk to each other. Okay?" I told them angrily. Leah looked smug in her seat. Kestrel just stared at me in shock. Then all of a sudden, she got to her feet and walked through the doors and out of the changing rooms.

"Kestrel wait!" I cried, heading for the doors. I was about to follow her but magically, the doors swung shut loudly in front of me. I sighed and turned back around.

"Is she on her period or something because-"

Leah couldn't finish her sentence. I was over to her in the speed of light. My fingers wrapped around Leah's throat and I threw her with all my strength. She soared across the room and crashed into the wall and slid down to the floor.

Leah stared at me in shock. Then, I walked out of the room just as Erin pulled back the curtains.

"What the hell happened here?" I heard Erin cry in surprise just before I slammed the doors behind me.


Kennedy opened the old tattered book and began flicking through its pages. It was a Grimoire; a certain one of dark magic that she had found back in San Francisco.

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