The Mafia God

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"My Lord!" She gasped when she saw a deep wound on my hand and ran to me with quick steps. The rain was nonstop and it was thundering terrifically but the girl standing before me doesn't seem like she cares about herself much.

She is literally drenched cold to the bone yet she is trying to tie a handkerchief around my palm.

"M... My... What?" I frowned at her.

"You are hurt, My Lord." My Lord!

What the hell is she calling me?

"I am not your Lord, girl. I'm –" I was about to tell her my name when she cut me in the middle and shivered in cold with a smiling face.

"You are My Lord because you are a God." I looked around the dark empty wet alleys to find no signal of mental hospital staff or the mental hospital ambulance.

She must have ran away from her psychiatrist.

I am a God? From when? From which angle? I thought I'm a Devil?


Callisto Raul Mancini, the second most powerful Mafia in Europe and America, a man with cold heart and unlucky hands who can kill anyone without a remorse, crosses paths with a God devotee girl who can make the great Mafia kill himself without shedding a drop of sweat.

Albina Rae White, the literature and cultural student, is a kind and a caring girl with only one weakness... or should we say strength - She has ultimate belief in the Almighty with no religious boundaries. She just worships every scripted God on the planet.

What happens when the Almighty believer crosses paths with the Almighty himself?

Wait, is he really a God?

How will the great Mafia fair up with the young girl who believes he is a God?

Join the journey of Albina and Callisto and enjoy their unique story.


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