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Lex felt Dalton's anger at the level he was chanting. His face was blank, his whole body tensed, his fists clenched tight. Lex knew that Dalton wasn't exactly happy that he was going alone to face Keira's father. But of course, Lex didn't say anything back. That will only lead to an argument they both didn't need.

"Ok, sit back and try to relax," Dalton stated avoiding wholeheartedly looking at Lex's face. If anything he needed relaxing not Lex. He couldn't keep quiet anymore.

"Are you ok?" Lex asked as Dalton tried to hide the pain from him. When Lex asked again and didn't get an answer, he felt his shadows twitch in anger.

"Are you seriously going to just sit there and tell me nothing? Master!"

"I can feel her too, alright!?" The sudden shout from Dalton had Lex stagger back in surprise. When Dalton noticed the questionable look on Lex's face, he slumped down defeated. "I made her one of our members so I feel her pain too, just as the other members of mine can feel. But I promised none of them will go down if she does so I'm trying to take all of their pain's slowing me down. The stress, sleepless nights, it's all caused by that."

Lex didn't know how much more he could show his respect to his former clan leader. 

"Y-You don't have to-"

Dalton shook away the worried tone Lex had. "I will be fine. You just relax."

So Lex relaxed. And kept waiting until he couldn't. 

"How much more time it's going to take you?" Lex asked once he noticed two hours had already passed and he was nowhere near out of the house. Dalton only shrugged in answer before the chanting grew louder, making the shadows uneasy.

What in devil's name he's doing?


"It's going to hurt. Just hold tight and chant his name, Jonathon Vale Franklin." Lex barely had time to prepare himself before he felt a fire burn through his heart. Little by little all his vein popped, leaving only a burning agony behind. It quickly spread through his blood making him scream in pain. The smell of burning flesh met his nose as he realized that it was coming from him.

Fuck, did Dalton set him to fire!?

Lex didn't have time to curse Dalton to hell as he hit the cold ground hard, angling his ankle in a weird way. Shit! It hurt like hell. Looking up he was surprised to meet with a dark cave-like place with dirt and lots of rocks.

What on devil's sake was this place?

"Who are you? How dare you come here, you dark creature?" Startled, his eyes snapped around to the direction of the voice to see a man not more than thirty standing in front of him. 

That man was the definition of powerful and ruthless as his gaze was blazing with rage. He didn't share any facial similarities with Keira, probably because it wasn't his true body. His posture also did him a favor as he looked like he could stomp Lex to death if he wanted.

So, this was him. The world's first Darkness.

"Master, I need your help. Your daughter...She's with Keisha and we're afraid of her life." Lex was already on the ground so he fully shifted to keel down before the man, showing his neck in submission. He knew people like Jonathon would demand respect. Hell, even Lex would. 

"Which one? I thought everything was going on with the plan." The man mumbled giving no attention to Lex's confused frown.

What plan was he talking about?

"I was talking about Keira, my wife." Lex risked looking at Jonathon but instead of Lex's usual dark eyes, the man eyes turned to red. Lex's own wasn't better as he could feel his shadows threatened by the man in front of them.

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