Chapter Fifty- And So The Action Begins

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Chapter Fifty- And So The Action Begins

August 1st: Full Moon

    The pain began taking me over, becoming so intense that I couldn't think of anything else.  My bones were breaking and reshaping to a new form, my skin shifting with it. Screaming - my screaming - must have been shrilling through the night, but all I could do was focus on the sharp cracks and breaks of my body. 

    Then, fangs poked through my gums as I fell onto all fours. No longer were my fingers, but they were shaped into rough paws build for running over thick underbrush. Already my mind was beginning to change as well, the words of my human life starting to muffle away. 

    My last clear though before everything went dark was the simple picture of Lockheart's hand touching my arm. What did that mean for the development of our problem?


I woke up to the stars shining above me and the rancid smell of decaying flesh. A chill rang through the air, causing me to feel it on my naked skin. As I felt around for something to cover up with I found only the sharp sting of grass. Not even a shred of clothing surrounded me so that meant I'd gone further into the woods. 

    Sitting up slowly I took in my surroundings, trying to guage where I'd ended up. However, all of my efforts stopped when I saw the innocent looking bunny laying next to me with it's throat torn out. I could feel myself starting to gag and before I could stop it, I was puking in the opposite direction. Having something so innocent and gentle being bloodied up next to me was one of the worst things I'd witnessed. The pain of it really hit though when I knew that I'd been the one to do such a thing. 

    "Ugh," I muttered, trying to keep myself from throwing up again. "I've got to get away from here."

    It took me a moment to stand up and another few to gather myself enough to keep from falling over. Once I knew I was ready to go, I began trampling through the trees and smelling out any kind of smell that would lead me to the others. Since I'd just transitioned back it wouldn't be that hard, but as time went on, things would get a lot more challenging. 

    Thankfully I didn't have to sniff long because I could hear footsteps walking through the woods and as I smelled the air I could tell that it was Andy. He was having even more trouble than I was so I rushed to where I could hear him. 

    As I got there Andy collapsed, holding his head in his hands and muttering how much he hated being a werewolf. I sympathized with him, knowing exactly how awful he must be feeling. Hopefully he hadn't woken up to the same sight as me though. 

    "Andy, how are you feeling?" I asked. 

    He just groaned in reply, leaning on my shoulder when I took a seat next to him. Now, it might be weird to have two naked guys sitting like this in the middle of the woods, but when you've been werewolves as long as we have, you start to get used to things like this. I mean, we all have to go through the same thing nearly once a month so might as well not make a big deal out of it. 

    "I feel like I'm going to spontaneously combust," Andy whined. He hadn't taken his hands off his head and if anything, he'd pressed them tighter. If he wasn't careful he would cause a major headache, not that he wasn't already experiencing one. 

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