Part 9

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I layed there, wrapped up in Josh's warm embrace, listening to his breaths as I tried to match mine to his. I could feel his chest rise and fall against my back. A smile twitched at my lips as flashbacks flooded into my brain. The way he moved. The smell of his sweat. The taste of his tongue. Electricity trickled through my body as I recalled the way his voice sounded when he and I were connected.

"Come to LA...." his words circled around my brain. I had said yes, without even thinking. What was I doing? I've never been the type of person to jump into something without analyzing the risks. What was this guy doing to me? I was so far out of my comfort zone, but the thing was...I didn't care. It felt good. It felt natural.

I felt Josh's arms flex as he pulled me closer to him, snapping me out of my internal conversation. " Why so quiet?" He asked. His breath smelled faintly of alcohol from the night before. "Just thinking..." I replied. "Are you reconsidering coming with me? Are you nervous?" He asked, a hint of worry to his voice. "Surprisingly, no. I'm not nervous at all which is weird." I turned over to face him. He looked at me and bit his lower lip. "Good. I don't want you to be nervous. I want you to be happy and enjoy yourself, and also...." He placed his hand on my cheek and began pulling my face to his. "....I want to kiss you...." He brushed his lips against mine and pulled away for just a moment before kissing my nose, then my forehead and then back to my lips. My breath got caught in my chest as his mouth enveloped mine. He found my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. The kiss ended, too soon for my liking, but it didn't matter. I was going with him to LA and had plenty of time for more.

We layed there, wrapped up in each other for some time before Josh spoke. "I'm starving. Lets go find some lunch." I had been so busy enjoying my morning that I had totally spaced that we never got any breakfast. I had been completely oblivious to the rumblings in my belly until Josh said something. I got up from the couch and turned to him. "I'm going to get dressed. Be right back." as I turned and made my way towards my bedroom. I threw on a T shirt and some grey skinny jeans and walked into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror as i ran my hand through my hair. It was a tangled mess so I grabbed my brush and tried to quickly tame it. Once i got all of the knots out I realized it was frizzy as hell so opted for a messy bun. I threw my hair up carelessly and made my way back out to Josh.

"Wow." he spoke, his mouth dropped open in shock. "What?" I asked, smiling flirtatiously. "You look incredible...." "All I did was throw on some clothes and put my hair up, silly." I giggled at him. He walked towards me and wrapped his arms around my waist, giving me a quick peck on the forehead. " look great."

"Well, Thanks. Now...lets go get some grub." It was difficult for me accept compliments, but I was trying. I really was. I grabbed my car keys, and Josh's hand, and led him out the door.

After lunch, Josh invited me back to the hotel to go meet the band mates. I was a little nervous, but with Josh's fingers laced in mine, I began to relax. We drove to their hotel and I found a spot in the back to park in. We made our way inside and up the elevators. As the elevator dinged, signaling we had hit the 9th floor, i felt nerves rising again. I looked at Josh as the elevator doors slowly slid open and he squeezed my hand, reassuringly. "They're gonna love you, Don't worry."

I took a deep breath in, and with josh's hand in mine, we made our way from the elevator, down a long hallway, to the block of rooms that the band had rented. He brought his hand up and knocked on the door, and we stood their for a moment before the door swung open. Standing in front of us was Alex and Joey, with massive smiles plastered on their faces. "Hey, man! Glad you decided to finally come back!" Alex said while smacking josh on the back. We walked inside and Alex turned to me with his hand outstretched. I took it in mine and said, "Hi, I'm Ana..."He smiled. "Alex..." " Nice to finally put a face to the name!" Joey blurted out. "I'm Joey!" He said as he waved. "I...uh..I know." I said, giggling to myself. "Its really great to meet you guys."

Josh walked over and picked up an acoustic guitar and began strumming lightly. He stopped for a second and caught me staring. He smiled and patted the bed next to him. I walked over and sat beside him and he turned to me. "I wanna hear you sing." I stared at him in disbelief. "In front of everyone? I cant!" I responded. I felt a lump in my throat as josh slid his hand over mine. A wave of relieve passed over me as I looked into his eyes. "Please?" he asked, his lips formed into the cutest pout I had ever seen. "Fine....I'll...uh...I'll try." I looked down in defeat. That man could make me do anything. I was putty in his fucking hands. "I want to sing 'Move Me'..." I said, putting on the bravest face I could. I took a deep breath in as Josh began strumming the chords.

"Shame, blame
Words like these fester and I pray
For no change in seasons I hate rain
Don't let me drown in this room...
Lie, cheat
Don't tell me secrets I can't keep
Your fictions are putrid and so sweet
I'll be so naive for you..."

I breathed in deeply and wiped sweat from my palms against my jeans. I prepared myself for the chorus...

"...If you loved me, why couldn't you find a way
If you love me, why shouldn't I beg for you to stay
Like your jewelry, oh haven't I lost my shine
How you used me, how you moved me"

I looked up and realized everyone in the room was staring at me. I sat there unable to speak when Anthony had made his way in the room and broke the silence. " Hey, guys. You wanna play a gig tonight? Theres this cool brewery downtown and I was talking to the owner and I guess his act for tonight cancelled and he needs someone to cover. I thought it might be fun to do a little surprise pop up show."

"Only if Ana performs with us. I want her to sing 'Move Me' for us." Josh looked at me with a mischevious grin on his face.

"OH, fuck." I said, with an obvious look of horror on my face.

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