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i scream and soon the house is in chaos, chase and i run out into the back yard and leap over the fence. "are you alright baby?" chase asks me, kissing me. "i was so scared i had left you in there." i shake my head, "we were holding hands the entire time." chase kisses me again and soon out clothes are off.

we hear a loud explosion which cuases us to get changed quickly and we see that one direction's mansion had blown up. i scream and sink down onto my knees, crying.

chase hold me as i cry into his chest. my home was gone. everyone i loved was gone. i couldn't believe it. how dare why dont we blow up the house. all because of zach. god i hated zach herron and his n word saying ways.

"im brekaing up with you chase." i tell him, pushing him away. "i dont want to be kidnapped by you anymore. this is hard. we cant do this anymore." chase begins to cry. "but i love you sophie, ur my only n*****" i shake my head and limp away because i have broken my ankle. "SOPHIE!" he cries out, sinknig to his knees.

i ignore the cries even though they hurt me.

i cant believe i broke up with chase, but it was tfor the best. he was hurting me and i was hurting him, we could never be together.

as i cross the street i get hit by a car.

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ooooo things are heating up. im sorry for breaking up chophie :(

chase hudson's lover uwu

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