Bad idea

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Getting up I grab the contents of Christians phone of off the floor and look at it in worry, how could I tell him that I threw his phone because I found out he was shacking up with another woman? I couldn’t do that, not for what I had in mind anyways. I sigh and leave the contents on the kitchen table, I would think of an excuse later right now I needed to phone Lou and tell him how sorry I was. Thing was after what happened with Luke I had built a barrier around me I was always on the fence, I hardly knew Lou and if it wasn’t for this weird feeling of needing him then he wouldn’t even be in the picture, I was paranoid and well who could blame me? Surely Lou should understand the way I reacted his explanation made sense and I could hardly be so judgemental when I somehow tracked him down in the café that day. I shake away the memory of that day and what had happened, I didn’t want to think or try and get my head around how I was able to find him.

I let the phone ring willing him to answer the god damn thing, I couldn’t stand him being mad or upset with him, truth was he was the only other person I could speak to other then Christian of course, at the thought of him my stomach clenches and I will myself not to be sick with hurt. As I’m just about to give up and put the phone down he answers his voice heavy and gruff.

“So you finally realised how stupid you was?” I breathe heavily, yeah okay I was being silly I should have asked him how and not have freaked out but he needed to see my point of view, I had been abducted, forced into sex slave, nearly died on many occasions and did I mention they were all vampires?

“Look Lou I am sorry but you have to see where I’m coming from, I have ….. trust issues, you can understand that, can’t you?” I could feel my heart begin to hammer against my chest, he did understand right? I willed his answer to be yes he did understand, I was just hoping it wasn’t the opposite, I just didn’t know what I would do if he turned round and said he didn’t.

“Yeah I do, I’m sorry I acted so rash back then I was just so confused and upset about the kiss and then your reaction, I never thought about your – your past. I should have been more considerate you’ve been through a lot Sasha and it seems like your still going through it. You know I’m always here if you need to talk.” I sigh and smile a small sign of relief, I could feel myself beginning to get chocked up Lou had told me he was here for me, I think about Christian had he ever said that to me, understood my reasons on why I had a brick wall up after everything I had. I was seriously starting to doubt Christians feelings for me and with that thought I couldn’t let the tears tumble down my cheeks again as I begin to question if I could go through with my plan, the voice was back in a instant telling me I had to do it and that it was the only way.

“Sasha?” I could hear the worry in his voice which made me cry harder, this guy I hardly knew cared for me, he was here for me. I sniffle back my tears and try and force a word out.

“Yeah?” I could hear footsteps outside and quickly I swipe away my tears as I hear Christian enter the apartment.

“Maybe you should come over –“ I hang up and Lou as Christian pops his head round the corner a face like a donkeys slapped ass. I swallow back all the hurt I was feeling and force a fake and bright smile on my face, walking over to him I embrace him in a hug and peck his cold, chapped lips.

“And where have you been? I’ve been all lonely here by myself.” I pout and put on my whiny voice, he smiles sheepishly as his arms snake around my back.

“I had some business to attend too, but I’m here now.” He leans closer and I could feel anger boil inside me as he classes fucking some slut ‘business’. I couldn’t pull away from the kiss he would be able to tell something was up, I can do this I willed myself. I let his lips devour mine his tongue urging me for access off my mouth I give in and let his tongue explore mine as he deepens the kiss, I moan in the back of my throat I just couldn’t help the way he made my body convulse. I feel ourselves moving and soon feel the cold surface of the wall hit my back as he pressed his body into mine. I couldn’t help the thought of our bodies fitting perfectly together, but the sound of the girls laughter brings me back. I could tell where he was going with this and I had no other choice but to play along.

His hands slowly travel down my body savouring every curve, his hands go to my ass squeezing it slightly before he picks me up, my legs instantly go around him in a embrace as his hands travel up my back hitching my top higher and higher. Stop the foreign voice shouts at me and I open my eyes in alert, how could he want to do this with me when he had most probably just gone and got laid by some whore? Her mouth was where mine is now, his hands had been on her skin and preferably somewhere else as well, but I didn’t want to think about that. Slowly he opens his eyes and pulls away, I must have stopped making out with him.

“What’s the matter?” His voice says all huskily, I loosen my grip around his waist and let my legs touch the ground thankful he didn’t stop me.

“I’m just not feeling very well, I need to go lie down I think.” He nods sympathetically and heads into the kitchen.

“Want some aspirin?” I follow him out there and when I see him inspecting his phone I can literally feel my belly hit the floor, shit! I scramble for an excuse in my head.

“I’m so sorry I dropped it, I’ll buy you a new one, that one was old and battered anyways.” I laugh slightly as my nerves began to get the better off me.

“You dropped it?” I could hear the disbelief in his voice and my whole body went rigid as I saw the coldness in his face.

“Yeah, I’m sorry I said I’ll buy you a new one.”

“I don’t want a new one.” He semi- shouted like a spoilt child.

“What’s so important about that one it’s just a old phone?” I could see his eyes flash red with anger and without knowing it I step back from him.

“There was important stuff on there.” I feel bile rise in my throat as I realise he was most probably was referring to the whore’s number. I nod and mumble a sorry again before walking upstairs and getting into bed, I needed to talk to someone about this, I needed release. I knew it was wrong but I texted him anyways.

-“Meet me later, Starbucks 8.15 don’t be late x” In a instance he replied and I couldn’t help but smile at his response.

-“Wouldn’t dream off it. Lou xx” 

A/N hiya sorry it's taken me so long to upload something been so busy lately! Well I hope you enjoy this chaper hit the message board and tell me what you think, I'm not sure if it still sounds like Sasha as I've been away from this story for so long! Also, I saw a comment on the last chapter about who would play Lou and well to be honest I have no idea, so if anyone has any ideas on who they would like also drop a comment about it or any cast you would like for the characters! Thanks for reading Ya'll! 

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