The Mistake

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Shadows lay thickly in the corners of the concrete room. Your breath fogged in the cold, blinking slowly you tried to improve your night vision. But to no avail, the shadows defied all your attempts to pierce them. Of course, you didn't know if you wanted to know what lay in the dark. You closed your eyes, a single tear traced its path down your cheek. The OPT, you felt a harsh laugh leave your chest. The parallel was painful, you could remember watching extra's and specials from Supernatural, you could remember how Jensen could squeeze out that single salty drop. But now it was real, there was no Jensen Ackles, there was no one perfect tear. It was real and it was dangerous.

Suddenly a loud clang echoed around the cramped room causing you to jump wildly. There was a pause as silence descended again you waited but no one came. Relaxing as much as you could with a metal collar around your neck you allowed yourself to be swept into the past. Precisely one month into the past.

You had been in a hotel room, getting ready for a debate tournament. Then you had heard a startling sound, breaking glass. Worriedly you checked the window, but it stood solid. The only other glass you could think of was the bathroom, hesitantly you knocked wondering if your roommate had had an accident. There was no answer so you had opened the door and stepped in, you hadn't had time to see anything before a force took hold of you and pulled you into another world. The one where everything was real.

Metal clanged again pulling you back to the present, this time something followed the sound. A rasp as a key turned in the lock. Twitching, ur fingers rose to the metal loop around you neck, and the abrasions beneath. The demons were coming back to have some fun. You tried to pull back, away from the creaking door, but you were tethered to an iron ring set in the floor like, some animal. The door began to move in slowly creaking towards you. You swept the floor with your hands looking for some weapon, you couldn't submit anymore, not to the pain the demons enjoyed. Your searching hand touched a jagged rock. Breathing regularly you tried to calm yourself as you gripped the sone. This time, this time you will fight back.

A tall shape stood framed in the dimly lit hallway. It strode in reaching for you, leaning over you. Yelling you acted swinging your weapon as hard as you could. Adrenaline flowed, ensuring the impact was much stronger than it would have been. The shape seemed surprised for half a second, then the rock connected with its temple and it dropped with a thud. Quickly your damaged fingers searched for keys, or any way to free yourself from the ring. But there were none, your heart plummeted. Then two more shapes appeared, you looked up in surprise. There had never been more than two demons, breathing heavily you wondered who the third one was, the one you had just attacked. The demons in the doorway began to chuckle, one reached around behind them and flipped on a light. Blinking furiously you attempted to adjust to the new brilliance, once you could see you looked down. First you saw the trench coat, then the hair, then the blood. You had just attacked Castiel, human Castiel you suspected.

Still laughing the demons seized the now groaning man and dragged him from the room leaving you with his blood and a jagged stone mocking you. Emotion gripped you and you collapse, pressing your face against the cold stone. But you were not left alone for long. One of the demons came back and seized your collar. It pulled you up an removed the ring. You didn't react as the demon dragged you to a different room. At least not until you saw what was in the room. Castiel was hanging by his wrists in the room, his feet barely touching the floor. He was awake now glaring at the demon who stood in front of him. Your eyes widened as you saw him, and the table next to him. It was covered in instruments some shiny and sharp, others dull and blunt. The demon who had you pulled your own wrists above your head and bound you in a similar fashion, leaving you in the same position as Castiel.

Your eyes filled with tears, you had meant to fight back, attack a demon. Instead Castiel was right in front of you, eyes dull with pain, at the mercy of demons. His gaze shifted to meet your, you looked into his blue eyes they seemed to be asking "why?" You shook your head and started to mouth "I'm sorry" but one of the demons interrupted you with a fist. The female by Castiel giggled girlishly fingering the different tools on the table. She (or rather it you thought angrily) selected a long knife. Your breathing began to speed up as the blade flashed nearer to Cas, slitting his shirt open and exposing his bare chest. Castiel himself continued to stare at you, ignoring the blade and demon standing so close to him. Then the blade flashed again and he emitted a long groan, a long red tear appeared in his skin stretching across his chest. You screamed, but the male demon beside you quickly put his hand over your mouth.

The female leaned close to Castiel grinning haughtily, he broke his gaze and looked at her. Her voice was deceptively sweet when she spoke "Castiel, angel made human, now that I have your attention whatever shall I do to you?" She swiped her knife again marring Castiel's cheek. You struggled wildly but Castiel only glared at the demon refusing to respond. He was panting as blood dripped down his front. "Tell me Castiel," she said his name mockingly, "where are the Winchesters?" You saw something flicker in the former angel's eyes, but still he said nothing. The male demon who had been gripping your mouth released it and strolled over to the other two. "Come now," he purred "you own them nothing. . ."

An idea flickered through your mind as he continued to try and persuade Castiel to reveal the location of the brothers. Under your breath you began to chant " Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio ..." But before you could get further the demons spun around and advanced. The next phrase died on your lips as the two stopped inches away, "tried to exorcise us did you?" The female gripped he knife tightly, "no" you replied using foolproof Winchester logic. Unsurprisingly they seemed unconvinced and the female hissed at you "You won't get the luxury of death quite yet, I will make you regret this so much more." She moved quickly, the last thing you saw was the descending handle of the knife, then darkness.

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