We've Got This

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you and Lucifer have been dating for 6 months now and its time to finally introduce him to your parents. You forgot to mention to him that your parents are emotionally abusive.

Warning: angst, dark subjects, verbal abuse. Lots of fluff though!!!


Your pacing back and forth as you wait for Lucifer to get changed. You couldn't decide if you wanted to bring it up or not. You eventually decided against it, not wanting to ruin the evening.

"Finally! Took you long enough! Let's go." you stress as Lucifer makes his wake into the living room.

"Darling! You need to calm down everythings going to go smoothly. His honey like voice calms you a bit.

"Maybe your right..." you mumble.

The drive to your parents house is only 20 minutes so you're there in no time. By the time you pull up your anxiety is back full swing. Your leg can't stop bouncing and you keep chewing on the inside of your cheek.

"M-Maybe we should call a rain check and do this another time?"

"Come on love, we've put this off two times already. Its time."

You sigh and give in praying that your parents won't do anything out of line. You hold hands as you walk up the two flights of stairs that lead to your parents condo.

"Sweetie you made it!" you mom shouts excitement when you walk in.

You wave "H-Hi Mom, Hi Dad." you mumble

"Come on in! We've already got dinner ready so you guys can sit down." Your mom smiled

"Wait Y/n! I wanna talk to you for a second" your dad called you from the other room.  You gulped and hesitatingly let go of Lucifers hand. He frowned noticing how nervous you looked.

"What did you need dad?" you tried to keep a steady voice. He closed the door and the forced smile left his face and was replaced with a scowl.

"How did you even get that guy to date you? Are you paying him? There's no way he would date a piece of trash like you." you dad sneered. You just look at your feet know crying would just make it worse.

"O-Of course I'm not paying him! I l-love him" you mumble angrily.

He chuckles darkly "I doubt he feels the same way."

You frown thinking about it, he doesn't say it very often. Maybe your dad's right... "Maybe your right" you say sadly, failing to hide your watery eyes.

He nods and drags you into the dining room, you quickly wipe your eyes and put on your best cheerful expression.

You serve up and dinner and meet your parents and Lucifer already sitting down waiting for you. Lucifer leans down and whispers "everything okay?" you nod and give him a half smile. He pecks your cheek and you both start eating.

You feel your parents eyes on you all throughout dinner and your hands a practically trembling halfway through. Lucifer being the best boyfriend ever take note and grabs your shaky hands and holds them kissing each knuckle.

You catch your mom rolling her eyes "no PDA at the table please Y/n I'll lose my appetite" you mom snaps and you can't help but flinch.

"Sorry" you whisper shakily

Lucifer furrows his eyebrows confused "what's wrong with a little PDA?" he asks a slightly irritated tone.

"It's disgusting! Especially since we know you don't actually love Y/n and that little piece of shit is paying you to make her look good!" you dad snaps. Lucifer stands there frozen jaw slacked you hold your hand over your mouth covering up a sob.

"Excuse me" you choke out before running up upstairs and locking yourself in the bathroom.

Lucifer's POV

I cannot believe Y/n's parents said that to her. I finally shake over my shocked state and storm over to the them grabbing them both by there shirts. "What did you do to her!? Do you hit her?" I seeth

"N-no! Come on man! It's all in fun and games. Don't tell me you've never done the same to her! It's just words, she'll get over it!"

"I would never do that to her! I actually love her unlike you pathetic bastards!" I shout fuming at them I'm about to give them a taste of there on medicine when I hear Y/n's quiet sobs turn loud wails. "This isn't over" I spit at them and throw them both against the wall before I dash upstairs.

"Love? Can I come in?" I call softly and knock on the door.

"Go away Lucifer." she says her voice raspy

"Never, I love you Y/n." I whisper against the door. The door cracks open and Y/n standing there with tears still streaming at a steady pace down her cheeks.

"Really?" she asks in a small voice

"Of course, more than anything. Don't you listen to a word that your pathetic parents say again okay?" she nods opening the door more and fiddling with her fingers. I chuckle at her adorableness "come here, darling" she sniffles and steps a tiny bit closer.

"Bloody hell!" I yell playfully and gather her up in my arms.

"I'm sorry luci..." she whisper into my chest

"Why are you sorry? You did nothing wrong." I say firmly

"I should have told you about this sooner but, I was scared. I tried to tell one of my friends in college but he just brushed it off and told me as long as they didn't hit me it's not a big deal.

"Wait this has been going on since college!?" I grit out anger returning

"Since highschool" I mumble embarrassed

I take a deep breath "it's okay, thank you for telling me. Promise you won't believe a single thing they told you okay? I'm so proud of you." I place her on her bed kissing her temple.

"I promise" she whispers more tears escaping and I feel my heart clench. We lay down together and she passes out, her soft snores filling the room.

"I'm going to kill those bastards" I say to myself


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