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Oscars pov

I sigh as I leave Hugos temporary office, tired, sweaty and rather hungry. I managed to get that odd bald man off my trail and finish my mission, with no more rude interruptions. My sister looks up at me, concern on her face.

"You look like your mother when you frown like that." I ruffle her hair as I walk past her and she glares at me with fierce brown eyes. "Do you think father will be proud?" Her voice was soft, softer than I heard for years and I shrug.

"I dont know why you try to get his approval so much, Sofie. We know we'll never be the children he wanted." I sit down across from her, dangling my legs over the arm of the couch. Sofia looks at me with an odd expression, searching for something. "But...he rised you to be the killer you are today, its not like you ever did anything he didn't approve of."

"Other than not wanting to take on his mantle. And that, dear sister, is precisely why we do not get along." I shrug but I notice how she seemed relieved at my reply and catalog it for later.

My dear sister is planning something and I will not be one ot her casualties.

"You're on your way to taking Oswald out of the game, you have followers, money and sway in this city. I mean you got Jim Gordon in the palm of your hand. How can it get even better?" I lean forward and snag her glass of wine.

"Dont call me Sofie, Oscar. The way it can be better is if our father can be proud of me. Of us." She places her hand over my free one as I sip her wine.

The bitter taste hits my tongue and I gag, placing the glass back infront of her. "Over his dead body." I speak over gulping down my horrible sip.

"Thats as bitter as my mom's soul." I shake my head as Sofia giggles. "I did miss you, brother." She hums as she leans back in her seat with a gentle smile.

"Im sorry."

"For what, Sofia?"

"I..." Sofia stares at me for a moment. "I feel like I changed so many things in your life just by returning and I'm sorry for that, I...I just need you here to take back Gotham."

I roll my eyes at her statements, shaking my head. "Look, if anything you made my job more fun. Before you came I just killed here and there for money, never too much heat but that gets boring. And, i missed my little sister too."

"I thought you ow-" Sofia cuts herself off.

"You thought what?"

"I meant, I uhnm, thought you wanted to own a bakery?"

I stare at her blankly a few moments before leaning forewards to put a hand on her forehead. "Sofia, are you alright? do remember i don't know how to cook let alone bake. You've been acting so odd."

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