First Day of School

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            It is the first day of senior year for Kevin and Kevnika. They attend a private school that focuses on the arts such as music, dance, singing, and acting. So of course, if they go to a private school, they have to wear uniforms.

Kevnika has a room setup for a princess. She has a double bedroom door. Her bed sits up on an ivory pedestal it is covered with a fuzzy pink blanket and fuzzy ivory and pink pillows. The wall that her bed is against is champagne and glittery while the rest of the walls are ivory. She has three tall windows with ivory and pink sheer curtains. She also has a pink walk in closet full of clothes, shoes, jewelry and bags. She has a big screen TV that is mounted on her ceiling and a vanity set right next to her windows that is full of makeup, makeup brushes and nail polish.

Her room is so big that she has a couch in the center of her floor in front of the TV. Her desk is setup on the left side of the room while her vanity set is on the right side. She is seen inside of her walk-in closet trying on her school uniform from last year, but it seems like she has gotten big or the uniform got smaller.

"Why does this skirt not fit over my thighs anymore?" she said while observing herself in the mirror.  

Her mother walks into the room and says "Here is the new uniform I ordered for you because I figured that you would need a new one."

Her mother hands her the new uniform and she quickly changes into it. "Look at my baby getting thick on em", her mom says while observing how the new uniform fits. 

When she is finally done getting ready, she runs into the kitchen to grab something quick to eat. She heads right next door to see if Kevin is ready but as soon as she steps outside, she sees that he is already outside waiting for her by his car. Which just so happens to be 2018 Jeep Wrangler.

"Who do you think you are looking all cute or whatever? Who are you trying to look cute for?" she asks Kevin as she gets into his car on the passenger side.

"Chill out. This how I usually dress, and you know it." Kevin said while starting the car.

"Then maybe something changed about you over the summer because I do not remember you looking like this." she said.

He looks over at her as he starts to back out of the drive way.

"It's called maturing and growing up", he says while putting the car in drive.

Kevnika starts laughing "Boy, I know you lying." She said.

Kevin stops at a stop sign and looks over at Nika. He stares and smirks at her before pulling out. "And what was that about?" she asked. He just shakes his head and continues to drive. They met Devin, Daniel, and Jazzy (Devin's little sister) at Dunkin' Donut. They pulled  into Dunkin' Donut, but they decided not to get out the car until the others got there.

"So, who is this new friend you were talking about the other day?" Kevin asked.

Nika rotates her body to face Kevin with a big smile on her face.

"OK so do you remember Zion? The new guy who transferred to our school last year." She said.

"Yeah." Kevin said.

Kevin's expression changes as Kevnika starts to talk about how she and Zion started getting closer since they met last school year.

"We actually started talking talking about two months ago so it really is not something that has gotten to the point of being serious but that is what I am aiming for. We've basically spent the whole summer together. He started coming over so much that my mom actually started making enough dinner for him too. But anyway, enough about me and my summer. What about you? What did you do? Or should ask who did you do?" she asked.

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