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i wake up in a room that i didn't know. "oh baby! your awake!" cries out a familiar voice. "who are you?" I say looking at the boy with jet black hair. "i'm chase.. your boyfriend.." "who?"

he begins to cry and some girl with black hair comfort him. "it's alright chase, jojo will be over soon." "no! it's not alright haley! she was the only person who has loved me for me since cynthia!"

haley rolls her eyes. "grow up. jacob and i are off to get married." she kisses chase before smiling at me smugly. "I thought you were my boyfriend!" i cried out, running out of my bed. "sophie! wait! i can explain!" chase calls out, chasing me once again.

soon im tumbling down the stairs and i crash into a girl who was way taller than me, holding hands with a boy who was older than her. (i think.)

"jojo!" chase says relieved. "zach! whats up my n*****" "N*****" Zach shouts, high fiving chase. "wanna listen to freak friday?" chase grins. "yes! let our girlfriends talk to each other!" he kisses me and i smile at him, before jojo drags me off down into the basement.

"so, how long have you and chase been dating?" "a few months." i reply with, "i think i love him." jojo squeals and hugs me, "here, take my bow," she pulls a bright pink bow from her pocket and puts it on my hair, "i'll send you my ponytail instructions later. wanna sing boomerang with me? duh of course you do!"

soon, jojo and i had become the bestest of friends, we were exchanging stories about our boyfriends and laughing when chase and zach entered the basement, frantic looks on thier faces.

"we have to go!" they shout

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i love cliffhangers, dont you?

chase hudsons lover uwu

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