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chase and i were sitting on the couch, watching the news. it was a bit awkward after our first kiss and chase had been avoiding talking to me. i was worried that i had did something wrong since it was my first kiss.

suddenly the door swings open and jacob sartorious and haley morales enters, kissing dramatically. i jump up and squeal. they were my two idols. (other than jojo siwa and zach herron.)

they jump apart and i hug them both. :oh my god i love you both! jacob i love your songs, like last text and all my friends. haley i love your youtube videos so much. you two are my insperation."

jacob smiles and gives me a hug while haley just stares at me. "your ugly." haley comments, make me begin to cry. she knew i was depressed. "you know im depressed haley!" i scream out, shoving the girl harshly as she slams into the wall. "i'm going upstairs!" i scream, wanting to end my life.

"no no no!" chase shouts, chasing me as i climb up the stairs and into the bathroom. i lock the door but chase breaks open the door. "i wont let you do this sophie." he tells me, gripping my face.

"i love you." he tells me, kissing me again before my whole world goes dark. i was going to finally die.

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