Chapter 12

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Luke's POV

It was the middle of the night when there was banging on the diner door. I went to open it and there was Lorelai. She looked very very panicked.

"Hey what..." I say but she cut me off.

"Your nephew kidnapped my daughter!" Lorelai yells.

"What? Jess would take anyone." I say.

"Well the message said she choose to go with him, but still. He took her." She says.

"Come inside. We'll talk about this." I say.

"No. I gotta find her." She says and then just walked away.

Jess Mariano what have you done.

One Month Later

Lorelai's POV

I opened the Inn about a month ago and I wanted both of my children there, but no one ran off. My mother has been such a problem about it too.

"I told you that boy was trouble. First he gets her into a crash, then he leaves her, then he comes back, then he leaves her, she got pregnant, she told him, he ran off, then he comes back, and she leaves with him. She is probably living in his car and that poor baby. See what happens when you dont listen to me Lorelai." My mom says.

"Enough mom. I know what happened and Im just as worried about this as you." I say.

"Where is she anyway?" My dad asks.

"Dont know. I havent heard from her since the message she left me." I say.

"Great for all we know she's dead or worse that loser left her again." My mom says.

"Dont you think I know that. I just wish she would answer my calls." I say.

The night my mom and I argued about what happened and on the car ride home it was me and Rory.

"She's in Philadelphia." Rory says.

"What? How do you know that?" I ask.

"We text. She's fine. Actually she and Jess are living in an apartment with a nice view in a good neighborhood." She says.

"How can they afforded that?" I ask.

"Jess works and Kenzie saved her money from Luke's. Not to mention all of StarsHollow residents gave her money for graduation. Also she has been talking to dad and he is also helping them out so is Luke." She says.

"I dont understand. She is in contact with you, Christopher, and Luke. Why not me? Im not my parents." I say.

"Because of the messages you left her about how Jess is still that bad boy who will leave her again. So maybe its messages like that that make her worried you'll make her come home." She says.

"I just want to know her and my grandchild are safe and in good hands." I say.

"They are. You dont have to trust Jess or even like him, but he is trying to be better for Kenzie and the baby." She says.

"I guess he is trying, but Im still worried." I say.

"I know me too." She says.

I just hope my daughter is safe and that Jess takes good care of her. Cause if he hurts her again I'll hunt him down.

Kenzie's POV

Jess and I have been living together for a month now and sure its hard to trust him still. Im doing better with trusting him.

"Hey I got what you wanted to eat." Jess says walking into the apartment.

"Thanks." I say.

"Okay whats wrong?" He asks.

"Rory texted me saying she told my mom where we are." I say.

"So now she knows. I just hope she doesnt come here and take you away from me." He says.

"She wouldnt do that. I dont think." I say.

"I hope not. I love you." He says.

"I know." I say.

"Still arent ready to say it again?" He questions.

"I really want to, but the past comes up and I get worried." I say.

"I know, but Im not leaving you. Not now not ever." He says and kisses the top of my head.

I really wanted to believe that, but right now things are good just the way they are. Maybe I'll trust him again and I know I will, but I know that it will take longer then one month.

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