Chapter 19 - Breaking Down the Doors

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Donavin Pov

The citadel shook with the loud sound of an explosion  and Jemimah held  onto me as I braced myself against the wall. You could hear the shuffling of feet and clanging of armor as the guards swiftly went passed us towards the source of the disturbance.

I helped Jeramiah up and expanded my Aura brilliantly. If there was danger ahead I would defend this city and my comrades. These Fae and the inhabitants of Silver Leaf City were generous and kind. They were now my kin and I will not allow harm to befall them.

I chanted supplication prayers invoking the protection of my personal diety Tara. The sacred syllables left my lips repeatedly in whispers. Each chant channeled my strength and removed any lingering fear. you could see the Tibetan Syllables in the form of white wisps of smoke escaping my lips. "OM TARE TUTARE TURE MAMA AYUR JYANA PUNYE PUSHTIM KURU SVAHA"

I had chanted the sacred prayers over a hundred times before we reached the bottom level of the citadel but nothing could of prepared me for what I saw.

As soon as Jeramiah and I entered the great hall we felt the tension hit us in strong waves in the grand space. The air was thick with sadness and smelled of fear.

I searched for the defenders of Silver Leaf City and almost gasped when I traced their unique scent to the space above.

All the city guards were suspended immobile and paralysed like stone fifteen feet in the air. Only their eyes and the sound of their rapid hearts beating proved they still lived. I focused my vision and saw each of the guards were bounded by thread like energy. This wicked coil that bound them in place like a black widow would weave over a fly.

I sensed a dark presence unlike any I'd felt before.

The Ancient Sages of Silver leaf were standing gracefully behind us in the shape of a half moon. 

Then Kendra, Leona, Lailah and Jeramiah were now standing posed for battle to my left and right. I stood slightly forward and dead center, ready as I continued to summon the protections of Tara.

Kendra’s to my left had a mist of white light surrounding her and in her right hand her wand was unsheathed glowing in brilliant violets. She was clad in her robes that were stitched with angelic threading. On her crown a pendant glowed white and reflected light. It appeared as if a gentle rain of tiny stars danced around her.

Leona held her bow next to her and had an arrow firmly in place. Her tunic and tight pants defined her well toned and strong body. Her blue hair was down with the exception of the braided halos we had on each of my companion’s crowns. Given to us by the blessings of Lailah. Her turquoise Fae energy swirled around her emitting a slight breeze It was cooling and easing the tension. Filling us with Fae spells of bravery.

Leilah held her flaming sword out and glowed in lavender. Her wings that portrayed the night sky were extended and reached out wide seemingly posed should we need them ready to wrap us for travel, protection or flight. Her plated armor shined in brilliant waves of angelic light. Around her rainbow colored angelic symbols twirled like letters of divine spells following clockwise around us as well. I could sense the power of their protective purpose.

Jeramiah had his fangs bared and held his staff in a defensive posture. His aura vivid with violet tendrils of light that would combine with mine turning the places they met in silver.

All of my comrades and I were lined up waiting. Our gaze firmly focused on the dark smoke that was pouring in from the main southern entrance where intricately carved large wooden doors once stood. Now they were shattered, burnt, broken and destroyed. Smoldering in pieces littering the floor from being blasted open. The dark smoke appeared to flow like thick oil into the grand hall where we stood.

The presence suddenly became thick with power and darkness grew stronger as a figure I could only assume was Abbadon emerged through the smoke.

He wore a black cloak that appeared to be more fire than fabric. He had his wings that pierced through the hooded cloak unsinged by its flames. His armor was plated and each ebony plate appeared to be linked by black chain mail. Each of his bulging muscles clearly evident. His aura a mist of silver, laced with red flames. I had never imagined seeing such a powerful being.

How could such a dark being pass through the shields around the city I wondered? Shields so brilliantly bright and woven of such ancient Fae and Elvan magick. Surely a city that's survived so long in peace was due to that net of protection.

I cast my thoughts aside as Abbadon removed his hood and exposed his head which also was adorned with a halo. A halo wrongly placed for it should never adorn the crown of such evil. He must of once been an angel now he is nothing divine only one of the Fallen. He moved his gaze up and looked straight into my eyes. I heard Jeramiah hiss in response but I met his gaze firmly with my own.

Abbadon was beautiful, handsome and stunning. If only he wasn't shrouded with such evil intent anyone could of noticed how before his fall from Grace he must of been one of the Gods most beautiful creations.

Strangely I felt a pull to him even with my beloved by my side. None the less I ran my hand lovingly across Jeramiah’s arm to ease his heart.

I kept my composure and courage meeting Abbadon’s stare with a threatening glare. Terrans and my brothers and sisters of the magical world depended on my strength. I refused to show fear and prepared myself for battle. I was angered he would dare defile this place in such a way.

Then with a voice smooth, godlike, malice and filled with arrogance Abbadon spoke....


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