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I'm making Nyx X Carlos a crack ship.

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Blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours shine any brighter

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Despite everything going on in Sage's life at that point, for the first time in a week, he could confidently say that he didn't feel as bad as he did when Cecilia found out about him and Xander. Seeing the senior boy he admired so much was like the partial cure to his previous dilemma.

Xander was at school that day too; Sage had seen him in football practice with his friends whilst doing Physical Education in the Gym. Going to school with Xander was a little weird for Sage; how he'd see Xander occasionally but they never passed each other in the corridor. And of course, they didn't hang out, hold hands or do anything they did in private at school, but Sage was okay with that.

He was also okay with multiple girls still pining after Xander, discretely vying for his love and attention, or even a simple glance—

Or was he?

He tried not to, at least.

Xander and his friends were almost always surrounded by girls, be it Maria, Jennifer, or an entourage of beautiful cheerleader girls. Mostly, the girls clung to Carlos, though, who usually juggled between two girls simultaneously.

Sage lightly tapped his cheek, convincing himself that it was okay as he bounced on his feet on the way to his locker. The bell for the second period echoed through the hallways, resulting in most for the student population to reluctantly disperse, heading to their classes. As Sage pulled the books required for his geography class from his locker, he glanced down the corridors, looking for any sign of Randall.

No sign.

Most likely, he'd already gone to mathematics class with Carter and Felt.

Sage released a small sigh, closing his locker. With that, he turned and padded down the hall and disappeared into the bathroom, using it before he emerged again, up the hall this time. The halls were vacant, signaling that he'd be late for class and possibly get into trouble for being out during class time. The blond readjusted his scarf as he accelerated his pace.

Walking in class after the lesson began was the worst thing ever for him. The students would stare not because of his lateness, but because of the notorious reputation they still held him by, one Sage tried hard to cope with.

His plans didn't work out as he'd hope, as a door to the janitor's office abruptly flew open next to him, and someone grabbed his arm, hauling him inside as though he weighed nothing.


Did things like that happen in real life?

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