Princess at School

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Shuri, on Sunday, begged for fogiveness and the allowence to go to a public school, for on day (at leats) with Peter tomorrow. He finally gave in.While Peter had to clean the lab every day for the next month, though Steve tried to get it down to two weeks. But Tony likes his sleep and peter had interupted him. At leats it wasn't as bad as Clint's punishment. Clint was exilled to the air vent as could only have bread, butter, water, milk and cearal to eat for the next week then he had to b Tony's little minion for the next month. Clint wasn't excited.

Monday arrived, Petre and Shuri were ready and excited to go. Nat brang them to her car and stated "The only person have seen to be this happy to go to school was Clint's daughter when Clint when in to have a go at her teacher for calling her poor and neglected." both Shrui and Peter giggled at that abd got in to car.

Now every morning Peter and Anut Tasha left early and got ice cream and then either when home and eat the choclate there ot get more after school. Peter said it's the best ride to school ever.


Peter and Shuri got out of the car and ssid good-bye to Nta as they when to the school.

They wre greeted by Ned. "Dude who's this?" Asked Ned, unawear of who the princess of wakanda is. " This is Shrui, The princess of Wakanda." Ned's mouth dropped. H3 bagan to fangirl.

it was hard to get Ned to stop harassing Shuri with questions, but Peter mangaed. Then came alone MJ. " Whats up, losers."

" Hi MJ." Peter said smiling. Mj's smilie slightly lifted at that.

"Wow, Shuri!" MJ excliammed. " Your the most tenchalogically adavanced persin on Earth. and your only seventeen." MJ said amazed.

in the ten minuets before class Shuri, Ned and MJ ha already became friends. They didn't want to go to class, but of coarse they did.

Shuri had to sit next to a tanned, black haired boy, Flash. She didn't know who he was. Peter and Ned had seen Flash talking to Shuri and they worried.


"Gosh, That kid tried to tell me who to be friends with. Thats so anonying." Shrui wasn't one for listening to others, unless it's someone like her mum or brother.

"That's Flash, none of us like him." Ned said. Peter nodded seeing that Fash was heading this way. Peter hoped Flash didn't come to Peter, Shuri would not act calmly about this.

To tak them away from the Same hall as Flash he took them to the canteen. MJ jumped a head "Hi, welcome to Chilli's."
They all broke down him laughter.

"Find something funny? Did you finally see your face in a mirror?" A voice said from behind Peter, He turned to see Flash. "Hi Flash." Peter said with a sighed.

"Move." Falsh said commaningly, as Peter stood in front of him. Peter a little afarid of him obeyed. It was better to obey, Flash could make his life a living nightmare.

Shuri looed confusd at why Peter moved for Flash, the person that Ned said they all disliked. So when they sat down at a table she asked him about it.

" See, Flash likes to pick on me." Peter said sheepishly, " I don't really mind thought." Peter said, hoping it would stop Shuri from making a scene.

"What?" Shuri said angryly. "In Wakanda, we all see each other as family, so we don't get much bullying. Have you told anyone?" Questioned Peter.

"Aunt Tasha knows, she said if he keeps bullying me I should at least tell her."Peter answered.

"Like you tell you Aunt every night that your being bullied." MJ muttered. Peter lokked at her and the look in his eyes told her he was never going to tell Tasha if he was still getting bullied.

MJ gently shock her head. Peter just smilied modestly.


Peter stared to worry where Shuri had gonr, she left to go to the toilet, but the hadn't seen her yet.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" They troi hear chanting student outside, Ned rushed to the window with other students. "It's Shuri!" Called Ned. Peters eye widened and Mj instantly got up and followed Peter to the fight.

Shuri was throughing a punch right into Flash's face. He stummbled back. "Shuri no!" Peter called pulling back Shuri. "That's what bullies get." Said Shuri walking away, adrenaline rushing through her body.

Flash looked distorted and shocked. Shuri, in rage, hit Flash pretty hard. It turned out when she come out of the toilets Flash passed and made fun of Peter behind his back.

"Leave him Shuri. If no reactions given then eventually he may stop." Peter said to Shuri on his way to to their last lessons of the day.

"Yeah, but in Wakanda it's very different. Bullies aren't tolirated." Shuri stated.


The group ran out of school at the end of the day and jummped into the car. Nat was alittle shcoked as four teens ran in the car.
Flash had tried to pick another fight with Shuri, they know to do that would be a terrible idea.

"So, Ned and MJ are visiting? Is Tony and teve awear?" Asked Nat eyeing Peter and Shuri. "Yes and no." Peter said.
"I guess Tony and Steve will find out when we get home." Nat said.

Natasha liked to irritate Tony, so she didn't mind taking them to the house. She now Steve wouldn't mind.

But half way to the tower the car was hit by something. "America explain!"

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