Episode 58: Infiltrate

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My heart hammered in my chest. Sweat beaded my brows and drenched my palms. Today was the big day. I was going to infiltrate the base with Alastair and his brother today.

That in and of itself was nerve-wracking. The cherry on the cake was Hannah. I had no clue if his brother had or not, but I hadn't told her we were doing this. She loved her KKs, but she was particularly protective of Alastair. Had I told her; she would've had a fit. I wouldn't have put it past her to ask Kayleigh to show me Her wrath, either.

That in mind, I got dressed for the occasion around four. His brother said Arthur told him a majority of the people in the base ate at six while they were there. He was also told it was a time when there was less security monitoring the halls.

I dressed in loose-fitting layers. I had no idea how hot or cold it would be, and I needed to be able to move easily. I also dressed in neutral colors that wouldn't stand out if anyone saw me. To add another layer to the outfit, I put in blue contacts. Amethyst would stand out like a sore thumb. It wasn't even a common occurrence among Protectors or Key Keepers.

I went to their house at 5:15. That way we would have half an hour to iron out any last-minute kinks. There was always a chance they could pop up. I also needed a little time to check on Alastair. There was no telling what state he'd be in when I got there.

They were gathered in the living room when I arrived. Cyan and Cole were hugging by the wall. Alastair and his brother on the couch. Poor Alastair trembled like a leaf. His eyes were the size of pinpoints. His brother's nerves were on display, too. He was caressing his brother, and he was tapping his foot, too.

"Did you both eat?" I asked. "I had tomato soup and a roll."

"As a matter of fact, we did." His brother rose. "Cyan wouldn't stop hounding us unless we did."

Cyan glared at him. "You should know why."

"Thanks, dear." I looked at them. "It is impossible to do one's best work on an empty stomach."

I put a hand on Alastair's shoulder. "You feel okay?"

"W-why did I agree to do this?"

I gazed into his eyes. "Your duty ends when this conflict is over. You will be returned to your family. Not to mention, you're making this world a better place."

Alastair got to his feet. The poor kid could hardly stand. "Really?"

I raised my right hand. "I swear to Kayleigh."

"Is there anything else you need to do?" Cole asked. "You should still have some time before you need to leave."

"Are either of you allergic to contacts?" I asked.

His brother sighed. "I'm not. I'm not even sure if Alastair could even tolerate them. I remember they're not the most comfortable things in the world."

I sighed. I had somewhat expected him to tell me that. "I need you to wear these glasses while we're in the base. I don't know how many people saw your eyes. Key Keeper eyes tend to be distinct. Anyone who sees them will never forget."

His brother took the contacts from me and put them in. I gave him green eyes. I doubted anyone would associate green with a guy who had powers over earth.

I had set aside blue ones for Alastair, but it turned out we wouldn't be using them. This experience wouldn't be an easy one. I didn't want to traumatize him more than I had to. I figured blue was the color least like his powers since it usually went with water. I put the tinted glasses on his face. I wanted to be sure they fitted and stayed on.

"Is there anything you want when you get back?" I asked.

"I already told Cyan," Alastair replied.

Cole pulled Cyan closer to him. "It's time for you guys to go, isn't it? Please be careful."

"We will," his brother and I said.


We teleported to the building where they stayed all those months ago. I went ahead to scope out the place. You would never know the place was like it was. The entrance I chose was open to the public. Still I scoped out other entrances. I chose one that was quieter. We couldn't have anyone asking questions.

Alastair's steps were labored once we got inside. It could've been the white walls and floors, but Alastair definitely didn't like the place.

His voice trembled. "I—I don't like this place."

"We'll get out of here as soon as we can," I said. I turned to his brother. "Do either of you remember where the room was? I'd like to see it."

His brother said, "Follow me..."

And so, we did. Alastair grew stiffer with every step.

Soon, we were at the door where Alastair spent several months of his life. As far as my powers told me, the room had sat unused since his brother got him out of here with Arthur's help.

Alastair crumpled to the floor. He was about to open his mouth to scream.

His brother had to cover his mouth. "It's okay. You're safe with me."

He was about to go into a meltdown. Sparks flew him his cheeks. His powers would go off at any time. They actually went off sooner than I expected. Alastair passed out.

I motioned to his brother to take him into his arms. I had to send them home before things got out of hand. Since I was here, I'd continue on my own.

I wandered the bedrooms until an indent in the wall caught my eye. I used my powers to coax it open. My powers told me the passage went told the house I gave Alastair.

That was more intriguing than the voices I heard in the other hallways. I felt a presence behind me.

Before I could turn around, someone put their hand over my mouth...


Uh oh! What do you think will happen to Ame? About how everyone carries themselves? Theories? Predictions? 

~Shino out!

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