5: Face To Face

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"Aren't you a pretty little bloodsucker." My skins crawls as the words settle in the air. The male I was currently giving my attention to huffing when I took my hands from his hair.
My eyes widen as I turned towards the speaker, a little shocked at just how large this wolf was. A beta, for sure. His essence was power but for some reason he didn't seem like one that would be leading any pack.
As my eyes raked over him the realization that the man standing well over six feet was not just a wolf, his scent stronger than that of a regular mutt.

"You can keep those lycan eyes off of me, before you lose them." My words are calm but firm, I'm not in the mood to fuck around with creatures like these.

The tales make them out to be monsters, blood thirsty monsters with the powers of a god. I may have to drink blood and posess some incredible strength- but I didn't want to be at the top so much that I'd be willing to eliminate my entire species. They had too much power.

He laughs as his silver eyes stare down at me, the pupils seem to be expanding and shrinking over and over again. The orbs travel over me before he looks behind me to the Male I was about to feed on.

"Finding a distraction from such a beautiful event, I see?" Dark brows move upwards, brushing the long brown locks that messily hung around his face. "Which coven do you belong to, vampire." The lycans voice goes from amused to serious as he takes a step closer.

"I lead a coven, the name being none of your concern. Now, please-"

"You're very old, the braiding of your hair and ink on your neck makes me believe it was an era I'm very familiar with. Perhaps we could share stories of old times while we become more...aquainted?" I'm a little taken back by his knowledge, but not overwhelming surprised. Ofcourse these beasts would be as old as I was.

"Could I perhaps get back to my feeding? Continue speaking of my age, if you must but don't think I'll be inclined to respond." The human immediately sighed as my fingers met his arms, I move my hands over him in an affectionate manner. His eyes barely staying open from the pleasure of my touch. The human body knows what it gets from this bite, so merely being within a few feet of us turns these little blood bags into our perfect dolls. I keep my eyes on the human, his height a bit uncomfortable for me so I kick at his leg and he drops to his knees. Head titled to the side.

"How many men have you put in that position, for your own enjoyment?" The lycans voice is husky as he watches my hands travel over the humans shoulders, up his neck until his thick, brown hair is running between my fingers.
As I ignore his question the crowd behind us roars to life. One after the other mates are meeting for the first time. A reunion of souls making me want to dig my teeth into this human even more. Bitter being a unsatisfying taste on my tongue.

"You smell of a human already, so I do wonder if you'd be this confident when around a lycan. Would you be as dominant beneath me, vampire?" My eyes snap to his and I hiss at him, my teeth elongating as I glare.

"I find nothing appealing of your kind, mutt." The words piss him off, clearly he's not used to being told no. "Now run along before I have to find your master to give you a-" a long growl leaves his lips and I can tell people have started to turn around to watch the exchange.

"You'll find pleasure in a weak blood bag, but are so disgusted by someone who could actually keep up with you? If I wished to have you, bloodsucker, I'd have you writhing beneath me like the whore you clearly are."

I throw my head back and laugh, his arrogance making me bubble with happiness as I realize this poor bastard can't accept rejection.

Once my laughter dies down I smile at him before sinking my teeth into the flesh of my new human. Maintaining eye contact with the beast as I feed, the humans moans drowning out the sounds behind us. Those silver eyes have turned fully black now and I finally close my eyes. Enjoying the sweetness running over my tongue. Once done I don't bother to wipe my mouth as I stand from the human, a rush of energy hitting me as the blood settles in.
The lycan wasn't impressed with my show, his eyes never returning to the silver. His mouth opens but before he can speak a loud growl comes from the front of the crowd. I spin to get a look at the action, hoping no kind of war has broken out.

"Move!" The word is spoken with so much authority that the entire crowd takes a step to the side. The middle of them opens up creating a pathway straight to...well, me. My body stiffens as I catch sight of the lycan staring directly at me. I must be seeing things, I turn around to look at the male who had been behind me just moments ago and see he's no longer there. With a furrowed brow I turn to face the approaching God-werewolf. Whatever! The man was a fucking sight for sore eyes.

His appearance made my lower abdomen tighten as my eyes recognized his dressing. He was barefoot, thick legs rising up to a monstrous frame. Leather hung on his hips, traveling down to mid thigh. Simple straps covered his chest, in my day they were used to carry our weapons but this man needed no weapons.
His hair was blondish mixed with brown, different shades throughout. Shaved on the sides but the top was well grown out, as he had it held back by a band. Facial hair was unkempt, red quite prominent but mixed with blond. 
With every step he took in my direction I became more aware of him.
Overwhelmed by him.

My body suddenly ached to be touched, need building at my core. I was semi disgusted with myself as I had never once been attracted to a wolf.

"What's happening?" I practically squeak the words as he gets within ten feet of me. I grab for the human, trying to save the poor boy from whatever is about to happen but only get to shove him before the lycan growls menacingly. Loud thumps as he strides to me, silver eyes glowing into mine.

"You will not touch that male!" I don't think I've felt true fear since the day I was turned, but the pit in my stomach that has me walking backwards seems alot like the emotion. My feet tangle and I end up on my ass, the monster standing above me is so mad. His eyes going from silver to black, lips pulled into a snarl as he huffs with deep, ragged breaths above me.

"What's going on?" Alpha Bowers walks to us, unimpressed by the ruining of the ceremony.
I'm beyond confused at what's happening. The insane feelings running through me and the insane want I have for the dog infront of me.
The beast goes to answer but after one long breath he suddenly tilts his head to the side, a crazed look before his eyes completely dissolve into blackness. His nails and canines elongate as he takes one more step towards me and then bends down to come closer.

"Why does my mate wreak of a humans pleasure?" My mouth falls open, eyes wide. From the back of the crowd a familiar voice shouts to us, the black haired bitch clearly stunned.

"You've got to be shitting me!"

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