“Right, I’ve got to head to my office and see what I can do to convince Mr. Winston not to sue us…” Liam huffed, but Louis was quick to cut him off.

            “So this is how you’re going to act when one of your oldest employees gets hurt? Ignore it and try not to get sued by the abuser? Doesn’t sound like what a proper boss would do,” Louis emphasized with a slight arch of his eyebrow. Before he could even realize it, however, Liam was already pushing him against the wall, his hands on either side of Louis’ head, touching the wall and just blocking his way of escaping.

            “Mr. Tomlinson, I am your boss. Which means I am responsible for whatever happens to you, and whatever happens to the customers and clients because of you. And while I might be your boss, I cannot compare with the men of elegance that participate in our audience every night, as much as I’d wish to. There is nothing I can do to prove justice, because in this situation, there is no justice,” Liam began talking, rubbing his temples and sighing extremely loudly in the silence of Harry’s tent, “You will probably never see any of these people next month. This place is always moving with us, and so do we. So, unless you learn to get over things as if you’re a dead soul, you’ll never be able to move on, and we’ll be leaving next month for Cardiff.” With that, he left the room, Niall following behind him and cussing loudly.

            Harry was now dressed in his pretty little white socks and nothing else – then ones Niall brought him – with gauzes around his rectum that were already turning red. Louis was terribly worried that Harry might have been suffering from internal bleeding, but there was no way he could exactly prove that. If only science could reach such level; nevertheless, he searched Harry’s drawers again for a couple of minutes in silence, until he found something that pleased him. A pair of white, delicate, pure cotton panties, which looked as if they belonged to a child. He took them in his hand, feeling the fabric with his thumb, and slowly approached Harry, who was spread on the bed, now peacefully resting.

            “Precious,” he whispered, kneeling down on the bed, stroking Harry’s milky thighs. Louis noticed that the boy’s torso was not rising like it was supposed to be. He shuffled closer, and pressed his fingers against Harry’s pulse, on his throat, only to not find it. Calmly, he whispered in his ear, “Precious…” his lips touched the younger boy’s delicate skin, watching as his parted lips moved a little, trying to regain their breath, “Breathe, Precious.”

            Harry instantly, gasped, coughing as his mossy eyes bulged out, bringing a hand to his chest, “’M – I’m sorry, Mr. – Mr. Tomlinson-n, I – “

            “I’m Louis, m’darling. I thought I already told you to call me that.” Louis smiled at himself, continuing to stroke the boy’s thighs, and surprisingly, the boy seemed to relax with his actions, “I am just going to remove your gauzes and replace them with new ones, since you’ve already stained them,” he informed him.

            Harry choked on a sob – it was a truly heartbreaking sight, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to – “

            “Shh…” Louis cooed, “It’s all going to be okay.” He carefully tore away the gauzes, earning some hisses and whimpers from Harry, throwing them in the nearer trashcan he could find, then picked up new ones and sat on the bed again. With careful and tender movements, he slowly applied the gauzes against Harry’s abused and bloody hole, then pushed his legs up and slipped on the white knickers, covering Harry’s rear end and member. He – the boy – looked so pure and lovely, like an angel who had just been damaged by a human who was not able to see the magic that Harry held inside of him. “Domini,” Lord, Louis muttered under his breath, “Harry, can you hear me?” A cracked response came from the boy, “I need you to tell me what happened.”

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