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six – louis








            “His rectum is damaged, but not severely,” the doctor said, pressing his fingers against Harry’s abused hole, which was now red with bloodstains all over his thighs. The poor boy’s head was buried in the pillow as he sobbed quietly, letting out high whines whenever the doctor would do something that would hurt him. Louis sat in the corner, fuming with anger, but managing to remain calm with a blank expression. He had his arms crossed in front of his chest, watching as the doctor examined Harry, with Liam standing next to him. It was evident that his boss was deeply concerned about the patient’s situation, but he also thinking hard about something Louis couldn’t quite grasp.

            “Harry!” the door opened with force as Niall hurriedly entered the room, “Oh, God almighty, what happened to you?” he questioned as he jumped on Harry’s bed, covering the small boy’s fragile body with his arms and bringing it into his chest, “Why is he like this? What did you do to him?” he asked furiously, chest heaving, “I demand you to tell me – “

            “Niall, please relax.” Liam sighed, rubbing his temples, as if this whole situation affected him more than the rest of the people in the room, “It – it was an accident, with a client – “

            “Mr. Payne this wasn’t an accident.” Louis muttered, looking down at his feet, “I believe we should talk about things just how they are, and not make up lies in order to calm down the masses. What happened to Harry was not an accident, even you know it, and I assume you have already pressed charges against Mr. Winston, of course – “

            Liam let out an awkward chuckle, “No, no, no, no, we – we do not press any charges against paying customers, especially the ones who pay in cash, Mr. Tomlinson. I mean, Harry’s been with us for so many years, and he’s incredibly dear to my heart, but I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do – “

            “What happened to him?” Niall shouted again when Harry began crying again, wiping his tears with his delicate little fingers, continuously apologizing in a mumble, like a mantra.

            “A client of his harassed him while Harry was sexually pleasing him,” Louis explained, walking towards the door and checking if anyone was listening to them, “Mr. Winston also received a treatment from the doctor even before Harry did.” Which was entirely true. When Harry first passed out at the view of his own blood, Louis quickly informed Liam about the incident and Liam proceeded to first heal Mr. Winston’s wounds from Louis’ hands and then consider healing poor Harry. Louis was fuming with anger, but just kept his hands crossed and continued talking, “I believe it is evident that this boy was abused and harassed against his will while he was trying to do his job and pleasure the man, and that it is important to press charges against this man,” he explained calmly, sparing a look at Harry.

            He watched as Niall quickly looked through Harry’s drawers, skimping underwear and lacy knickers tangling between his fingers, pulling the pair of fluffy, white knee socks from the top one and playing with the fabric in his hand. Louis observed the way Niall kneeled in front of a very naked Harry, who had slightly turned his body around and stared at the blonde with a confused expression in his bloodshot green eyes. Niall slowly stretched the socks and pulled them until they covered half of Harry’s legs, “Warmer now?” he questioned with a smug look, and Harry smiled just a little bit, cheeks looking a bit redder than before.

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