Chapter 5

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I could still smell her

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I could still smell her.

The scent of her over-powering perfume that signalled the presence of a royal dancer when she entered my chamber, the scent of her hair that cascaded over my shoulders when she kissed me and the scent of her blood when it stained my sheets just after the carnal passion came to a permanent standstill.

Especially her blood. The smell, the remains of its splotches despite the sheets being cleaned and particularly, the memory of it. My memory was truly, stained, with the pouring of that night's blood from her stomach. I think the action was self-explanatory when I chose to not let it cover my body anymore.

Although, there was something from these reveries that stood out.

I couldn't even remember the smell of her lust.

Her naked body was spread out under me, beside me and above me. I should have been able to grasp the scent of desire emanating from her delicately positioned sex.

That is if it actually existed that night.


I wished my father had told me to fall in love and bring a queen for my coronation instead of telling me to find the meaning of love. I could have just claimed to have fallen in love with a suitable woman residing in the palace, capable of standing behind me while I took over the throne. It wouldn't have been named forgery if I had learnt to love my queen and formed at least a friendship healthy enough to produce offsprings that would continue our generation, and simultaneously maintain the peace within the lands of Yandestine.

It would have been perfect. At least, the different turn of things have given me the opportunity to ask questions and explore a particular matter to my heart's content.

I won't lie, I have always been curious about all things that exist. I perpetually wondered about everything, for instance, the sight of the palace, as to why it was adorned with jewels of true gold and diamonds, the shadows of its exterior sheltering all of our villages when instead, the money put into those decorations could have provided actual shelter to the poor, trying to make a living in the same villages.

I always questioned. I still did. I wondered if that was why I still wasn't finding any answers.

I entered the balcony in my chamber and rested my palms on the railing, breathing the waves of fresh air hugging me immediately. It was sort of a sanctuary for me, as the balcony faced the forest, it being lucky enough to get built in front of the many trees, witnessing the wonders of nature all the time.

I observed the trees standing sternly in the dark, just about allowing their leaves to sway in different directions, as if they were the mothers letting their children have a bit of fun for now before the rays of sunshine strike and bring them to silence.

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