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As I was waking up, I heard an angelic voice sing. The voice seemed familiar, but I had no idea where I recognised it from.
Wait, I did. A flashback from what happened before I fell asleep wandered through my mind. It made me fully wake up. I looked around and realised I was on a bed, most likely at the guy's place. I was slowly sitting up, as my eyes then wandered to the small fluffy, furry ball of lump on my lap, sleeping. I looked up and saw that we were in a small cottage. It had a really cozy and homely feeling to it. I had a small smile while I was looking around the place, not having felt something this homely before. The places my family owned were just so cold and gigantic, I don't see how anyone could consider it a home. There were nothing homely about those places. It felt more like you lived in a cold cave than anythng, heck, living in a cave might be even more appealing.

I looked towards the door where I saw that guy walking in with two plates on a tray, lifting it so easily, that it looked like a normal practise. He smiled when he saw the sight of me awake. I smiled shyly and looked at the fluffball on my lap slowly waking up as I began petting it. I gasped slightly at the realisation of who that fluffball was. It was almost impossible for me to not recognise it, seeing as it had a specific charm on it's collar. Something, that I had made for a stray puppy I had found injured and alone. I took care of it for a few months until my father eventually found out, and eventually brought the poor puppy to a place far away. He was saying something along the lines of "You don't have time to be taking care of this bitch, you need to be king" while taking Yeontan away from me.
"Yeontan?" I whispered, seeing the puppy wake up. He looked really happy to see me, obviously recognisisng me. He jumped on me and began licking my face, making me giggle. I couldn't help but tear up as we began playing.

The guy just kept staring at us while smiling. He had sat the tray down on the cabinet beside the bed, and then sat on the bed beside me. He was watching me play with Yeontan with what I would assume was a fond smile. I didn't want to just guess, but I really had no clue. All I knew for certain was that it was a smile. Although a small smile, it was still a smile.

"You two seem familiar with eachother" the mysterious guy said, starting a conversation up most likely trying to make me comfortable, which I appreciated. "Yeah... You see this charm on his collar?" I held the charm up for the guy to see. He nodded when he saw what I was talking about, and indicated for me to continue. "That is something I made for a stray puppy I found. I took care of it as a secret, until my dad found out a few months later, and kicked the poor puppy out, and took him far away. To be honest, I thought I would never see him again." I finished off, thinking about why I just revealed that part of me to a stranger. Maybe because Yeontan looks healthier than ever, which means he has been taken care of, presumably by that  guy, as he is in his home.

Yeah, his home.... I have only been in it for a little while where I was actually awake, and it feels more like home than anywhere I have ever been. It was wrong, I already knew that, yet I just couldn't stop my feelings. I felt more at home with a guy whose name I don't even know, than with my actual blood related family.

"Really? Then it must be nice seeing him again. I saw him with that charm, slightly injured, yet somehow determined to get somewhere. I decided that I should call a vet or something, especially because it was obvious that the puppy wasn't wild. In the end, I became the owner legally and raised him as well as I could. I never named him, but just called him Tan as that is what is written on the charm" the guy explained while beginning to play with Yeontan, smiling at him. The sight was too soft to handle, and made me immediately smile. It was heartwarming to see that Yeontan was happier than ever.

"Yeah..... I named him Yeontan when I found him, and wrote Tan for short on the charm" I said, still thinking about how I am this open with a stranger. I decided, no matter what, I wouldn't reveal who I was. I wouldn't even say my name, as it could hint to who I was. I hated my title as being royal, most likely because the way my family is, so I didn't want him knowing anything about me being part of it. It wasn't worth it. I wanted to see if he would actually care for me as a person, and not just for my status. I have seen way too many strangers "like" me for that sole reason. They were just gold diggers, I bet. Either that, or attention seekers and wanted a status in society.

I heard guy, whose name I still have no clue what is, hum thoughtfully, while he was still playing with Tan, who was really hyper. It was a good sight. It was really clear that he was happy because of this.
"Oh yeah, you should probably eat something. I only had leftovers from yesterday, which is just boiled rice and a little stew. I hope you don't mind" he said. I didn't min though, mostly because of the whole eating situation I was in, and my parents not letting me eat for a while. Well, I couldn't exactly say that to him. It's true, I might have trusted him fastly, but even I know what should be told a stranger, and what definitely shouldn't be told. Besides, if I told him who I was status wise, or he somehow managed to find out, and I had told him about this, it would just bring chaos. Utter chaos.

"I don't mind. I am really grateful for everything. Thank you, I mean it" I said as I took the bowl of rice and slowly began eating it. I was just happy it wasn't something too heavy, so that it would be harder for me to eat. Rice was a great start for me to eat normally again, and make my stomach used to getting food atleast 3 times a day on a daily basis.

The guy just looked at me eating, slowly I ought to say.  He was smiling a little, and I couldn't help the slight warm feeling spreading through me when I noticed. I looked up at him and smiled genuinely, something I had almost forgot how to do. There wasn't anything to smile at in my life before, and when there was, it was immediately taken away from me. It was as if I shouldn't feel happiness at all, and that grief is all that is left. I wouldn't be surprised if my parents somehow found a way to curse me so that I would be this depressed. It would more be relieving, as I would then know the cause of everything.

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