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Jungkook was a recluse for the next few days. He stayed in his room as much as he could, only leaving when it deemed absolutely necessary. Yoongi and visited him a few times, attempting to drag his brother from the hell-hole he was wallowing himself into, however it was to no avail since he'd be met with Jungkook staring daggers into his eyes, forcing him to leave.

The Prince didn't want to deal with anything in that moment. He only wished to be in his own company, due to the feeling of sheer emptiness which had recently filled up his entire body. He wouldn't admit to himself that the events with Taehyung may have caused him to feel slightly depressed recently, since his pride was one of his fatal flaws.

Jungkook was very much aware his Father had been trying to speed up the "engagement" process between him and Jennie, hence why he had been summoned to the main hall by the King in order to discuss the matter, according to Seokjin, whom informed the Prince he needed to leave his room, both for the healthy state of his mind and to obey his Father's orders.

That's why the raven-haired male found himself walking over to the entrance of the courtroom, keeping his gaze fixated upon the floor below him. He kept conversation to a minimum around him as the last thing he wanted to do was to engage himself in unwanted conversation with unwanted people.

The events between Taehyung and Hoseok had taken an even bigger toll on the boy than he originally assumed. He took time out to think about the elder's words, however he couldn't find the ability to go back to Taehyung. He didn't know why exactly, but he assumed it was because he no longer wanted to risk the chance of being hurt yet again by the blue-haired boy.

Snapping out of his thoughts once he'd arrived at the door of the courtroom, the Prince pushed it open before striding inside, automatically met with the presence of both Kings, as well as Jennie, who wore a small smile playing on the ends of her lips. It was only now that Jungkook realised he hadn't had any contact with the Princess for almost a week. Not that he was complaining, but he often wondered how she managed to pass her time in the palace of the Prince who had absolutely no interest in her.

"Son," King Jeon said loudly, signalling towards the empty space in front of his throne. "Stand here. There are some arrangements you need to be made aware of."

Jungkook remained silent as he obeyed his Father's orders, perching himself directly ahead of Jeon. The Northern King sat on the left of the Southern King, as well as Jennie who remained at her Father's left side. Raising his brows, he prompted the elder man to continue.

"We've come to the joint decision you and Jennie Kim will indeed be wedding each other in the upcoming months. There'll be an engagement ball in four days, where we'll have an official announcements to the rest of the kingdom about the marriage."

Jungkook didn't say anything. In fact, he couldn't say anything. He didn't understand why it had come as a shock to him, since he'd already assumed that he'd be forced into the marriage regardless, however now that it was finally planned to happen, the Prince couldn't help but feel stunned.

The next few words to come out of his Father's mouth were a blur, as all he could focus on was the reality that he was being pushed to wed someone. He was being forced to tie the knot with someone whom he barely knew, hence why after giving a curt nod to King Jeon, Jungkook retracted his footsteps, walking straight out of the courtroom.

The Prince felt sick to his stomach. He'd often thought about rejecting his position as the King-in-line, however Jungkook had always taken the responsibility over his country more than anything. He felt it to be his duty to remain in line, which had only ultimately led to his downfall as now he'd ended up with the situation he was in now.

He had to marry Jennie, whether he liked it or not.

Jungkook found himself striding over towards the back of the palace, where the knights often trained. He knew he needed to release the deep-rooted anger coursing through his veins as currently, he was being buried under the stress and annoyance he was experiencing, both from his Father and Taehyung.

Upon arriving at the training site, Jungkook felt as if he had absolutely no control over himself. His hands were visibly shaking with rage. He felt as if he was living a life which was being steered by others. Despite being 21, the Prince was treated as if he was a decade younger; and he hated it.

There was nothing else he could do, except bring his fist down against the nearest thing he could manage to punch, which just so happened to be one of the walls surrounding the palace. Jungkook was oblivious to the insurmountable amount of pain shooting through his fist, as he continued to bring his hand down against the bricks, releasing every ounce of anger bottled inside of him with every punch.

The maddening rage pulsating through him only grew stronger, hence why he made no signs of stopping, almost breaking his own hand in the process until his ears perked up to the sound of a soft gasp, and the sound of footfall running towards him. This caused Jungkook to break out of his trance, turning his head to the left as he did so, only to be met with a pair of widened eyes, and the figure of none other than Kim Taehyung. And it was only now that the younger felt the unbearable pain throbbing in his left fist as he took a brief glance to his hand, only to be met with the sight of split knuckles, which were releasing a sufficient flow of blood.

"Jungkook? What are you doing?"

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