You are my only one

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You are my only one

Like a dying man counting on his last breath

I count on the beats my heart has skipped

As you held me close in your warm arms

I just know baby we can stand the toughest storms

And as the clock is ticking earth is revolving round the sun

I just want you to know baby,

You are my only one …

I can wait a whole lifetime for you

I can walk thousand miles barefoot for you

Just to see you smile

Makes every thorn in the path worthwhile …

I don’t know where I am

All the roads look just the same

But I know my destination

To spend rest my life with my only one …

And as the stars shine bright after the sun goes down

I just want you to know baby,

You are my only one …

You are my only one

My beautiful inspiration

You are the breath-taking sensation

You are my only passion

Like a fact sun sets in the west

only you know me the best

you know how to make breathless

without you I’m just insane and hopeless

And as the ocean waves hit the shore

I keep on loving you more and more

don’t have words enough

which could describe my love

Don’t know how to show you

that I see my heaven in you

My love for you is infinite

for you my love , against the whole world alone I will fight

Cuz  you are my only one

the one in who I can see my heaven

everyday in your arms I feel alive more than before

and till my last breath I’ll keep on loving you more and more .

 Dedicated to the love of my life, Yasmine Ali. 

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