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1: No swearing that is capable of reporting my comment section

2: Treat everyone with respect

3: Don't control other's characters

4: Don't kill off other's characters

5: No flat-out smut, hinted to or PMs is alright I suppose

6: Password is tag someone who you think would enjoy this. (This is mostly to know you read the rules, if you don't want to tag, just lemme know lol)

7: No Mary/Gary Sues (No OP characters)

8: NO INCEST That may be your thing, but it's not mine

9: Both of our OCs will be included, it's not fair if one person is included and the other is not. Also you play my crush I'll play yours

10: Important! Roleplay in third person, and legibly. If I cannot understand you, it will be very difficult for me to respond.
Like this: Jake went up to Anne and waved. "Hello!" He said happily
Not this: i went up to anne, hello there, i said *waves*

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