They leave you for someone else

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you had always thought your marriage to your mafia boss husband was true and loyal, but never knew your husband had a second relationship out of you and your family. so the perfect fairy tale family was, not really true anymore it was all a game. 


it was your seventh wedding anniversary to your husband namjoon, and you have everything set up for the romantic dinner you have made. 

namjoon " hey I'm home" 

y/n" hey honey well I have dinner ready for us...." 

namjoon " I got these for you" namjoon had handed you over and a stack of papers, you look at the papers to see divorce, written on them. 

y/n " namjoon what..." 

Namjoon " I'm leaving you y/n I don't love you anymore" 

y/n" please tell me this is so sick joke namjoon" 

namjoon" I'm telling the truth I'm sorry, you can keep the house and anything you want I will pay extra child support" 

y/n " just go Namjoon just leave and go to your new lover" 

namjoon " I'm sorry y/n I will always love you" 

y/n" ......" namjoon had packed his things that afternoon and when he about leave when your child returned from school. 

your son " daddy where are you going" 

namjoon " on a trip son" 

your son " when will you be back " 

namjoon" I won't kiddo I might not be able to see you for a long time" your son soon caught on to what namjoon really meet, your son soon grabbed onto his father leg hoping to stop him but nothing worked. namjoon pushed your son away and soon put his things in the car and drove away. your son ran after him calling for him and asking him to come back, you ran after you soon and soon stop him and hugged him tightly. 

your son" I'm sorry mommy I so sorry if I was a better son like daddy wants then he would have stayed" 

y/n " no baby boy you are my perfect little boy and you have done nothing wrong" 

your son " then why did daddy leave us like that" 

y/n" you will understand when you are older my little boy, hey why don't take our own trip to grandpa beach house and start a life there" 

  your son " okay mommy" 

y/n " that a good boy" 

your son" mommy" 

y/n " yes kiddo" 

your son" I promise to never leave the family I love" 

y/n " I know baby I know" 

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