America x Reader

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Stupid alarm clock, you thought.

You reached over and turned it off. Someone knocked on your front door loudly.



You slip on your slippers and your fluffy white robe before walking down the stairs and openning your front door.

Your best friend, America, stood there with a white bag in his hands.

"Did you just wake up _____?" He said with a laugh.

"Well, yeah. It's only like 9 in the morning. What you got there?" You asked, pointing at the bag.


You stepped aside to let him in. He walked over to the table and started dishing food out of the bag that looked like it was about to explode.

He pulled out 7 hamburgers, 4 boxes of fries, 2 boxes of chicken nuggets, and 3 boxes of pancakes. Handing you one of each, he went our to the car and came back with your favorite drink.

"Thanks America, you're the best." 

"After all, I am the hero!" He yelled, raising a fist in the air. 

You laughed and started with the pancakes. America finished off his food in under 5 minutes. You had no idea how the heck he could eat as much as he does. 

After finishing of your last fry and sipping the remander of your drink, you stood up and went to the kitchen to start on the dishes that were supposed to be done yesterday.

"Hey Hero, can you give me a hand?" You asked, looking over you shoulder while you let the sink fill. When You reached over to grab the dish soap, America's strong arms wrap around your waist and his nose nuzzled in you (h/c) hair.

"Hey _____?" America's voice was small and he sounded almost shy and scared.

This isn't like him. I wonder...

"Something wrong America?"

"Well, I was wondering... would you like to... maybe... go out with me?"

For a second there, you didn't know how to respond. Was this really happening? He nuzzled more into your hair and you feel his breath on the back of your neck.

"I-I would love too," You stuttered.

America reached around you and turned off the water then picked you up bridal style.

"What the heck America? What are you doing?" You said in between laughs. 

"I'm in the mood to watch a movie and I just so happen to have brought your favorite." He carried you into the living room before gently setting you on the couch. 

After putting in the movie he sat on the couch then pulled you onto his lap, gently stroking your hair.

You slowly drifted off to sleep safely in the arms  of your hero.


I hope you like it! Tell me what you think in the comments and don't forget to suggest! I will do all of the G8 and Canada (Who?) I'm kidding. Anyway, remember, I will take suggestions for 2ps! Pirates! and others.

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